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I am coming to Windows 7 from Vista 64bit Ultimate. On Vista I was able to get aero enabled and my system scored a 4.7 on the winsat tests. When I did a clean install and went to Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, my aero doesn't want to initiate. I also cannot complete my winsat test because when it gets to hard disk it says could not measure storage performance.

I put in the latest drivers form nvidia's website and I got aero for a few seconds at start up only for it to change back to basic. I have tried forcing aero with those registry edits. I have also tried the troubleshooting transparency and aero effects and it gives me aero for a sec then goes back to basic. The problem it lists is the Desktop Windows Manager to be disabled. I have tried stopping and restarting the Desktop Windows Manager but it only does the same thing as the troubleshooter. I have also tried putting it to high performance in power options and setting it to best visuals but no dice.

My system:
XPS 200 w/ pentium D 2.8ghz with an upgraded 9500GT and 2GB RAM

This was just cleanly installed so application compatibility problems is not likely. I have done all windows updates.

Thanks for reading! The help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. Bump! Any ideas?
  2. I can't think of any reason for it offhand, but I can point you to Microsoft help on tthe issue.
  3. I've tried everything on the page and still no aero.
  4. I may start closing threads that the OP's bump.
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