Vista Ultimate Gaming Problem?

So I have installed Vista Ultimate I am very pleased. I am able to do my normal work functions (PhotosShop/InDesign/Thunderbird Email) just fine and do gaming "ok". But it seems every few minutes or so my computer "bogs down" while gaming. This seems to happen in all games. Things willl run great (8800 gts 640mb) and then for a few seconds will come to a crawl (chug) and then go back to normal.

My questions is am I "bottle-necking"? Or don't have enough ram? Maybe something I am missing here, but I seem to have a good rig and if I was hitting my graphic copacity it would be going slow from the beginning not 60+fps down to 8fps then right back up?

I disable AVS virus scanner but I do have my widgets going in the background, I do not know if they disable themselves while gaming is goign on?

Specs below:

Vista Ultimate
ASUS A8N Deluxe Socket 939
AMD 4000+ (2.4 ghz)
2 gb RAM
8800 gts 640 MB
Raptor Hard Drive 10,000 RPM
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  1. Disabling your widgets should help. The sidebar is surprisingly greedy. Most of the time, bogging in game is caused by the comp swapping info to/from memory and the HDD. So that may be the issue: Is your HDD going when the slowdown happens?
  2. Thanks for the reply. Ya I don't really know the ins-and-outs of Vista yet. I did look at the page file and its set to "system manage" on my main hard drive (C). Should I change this setting to maybe swap out on my other hard drive (D) where the game is installed on? And should I not do any swapping on my "OS" hard drive (C)? Will more RAM fix this problem, maybe 4 gigs?
  3. What he was talking about was, when you notice the game slowing down, is the hard drive light active? This would indicate that data is being written to or read from the hard drive which could slow your system down. You're kind of in the same boat I am, I have an opty 146 which is a single core processor, so I have to shut down most background applications to play games. Since I run Windows XP, I use msconfig to shut down apps I don't want running while I game. I don't know if Vista still uses this application or not.
  4. I would say that your processor is definitely "bottle-necking" your graphics card. I would recommend getting a cheap C2D and overclocking...

    In that game I would get 6x more fps than you just because of the processor with the same graphics card.
  5. In answer about msconfig, yes that command is still there, I know because I use it:)
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