WoW doesn't want me to overclock

Ok, first of all here is my system specs:
C2D E4300
2 Gb Kingston value RAM
Asus EN7900GT 256 MB
Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 mobo

When I run World of Warcraft at default speeds I get between 50-150 fps, no problems at all. However, every time I overclock my system (2.4, 3.0 etc) my frame rates drop terribly and the game becomes jerky as hell and basically unplayable. Other games don't mind at all and seem to like the o/c very much. I have searched the web but cannot find any topics regarding this.

Ideas anyone?
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  1. uh just a guess but... don't OC your system?

    Obviously something in it cant take it... (Value Ram)
  2. Strange... I havne't gone nuts, but my comp still has a reasonably solid overclock going (was 2.4 Ghz, now 3.2), and I have no troubles with WOW or any other games. And it's strange you would have a problem with that game anyhow - It's hardly a resource hog.

    Are you sure it's the overclock and not something else? Are the other games MMOs'? Could it be connection related? I ask because on the rare occasions I have issues with WoW, it's always been network related.
  3. can you install everest home edition then show us your overclock info

    to do this, click on computer then click on overclock

    generally with some motherboards, if you overclock too far or don't overclock properly, they will default to a lower speed

    (on my asus motherboard, if i overclock too far and forget to adjust the memory divider, my fsb will default to 200MHz)

    when overclocking, you have to make sure the memory is not overclocked too far, especially if you have value memory, they may only handle a 8-15MHz overclock and if you go too far, they will become unstable which will cause many programs to crash and run slow

    if you can right click on the overclock area of everest and send us the entire text report, we will be able to tell you better settings to use for a better/more stable overclock
  4. I'd bet on the RAM too - WoW is one of the most RAM sensitive games I have ever run across...
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