What is your favorite strategy game?

Dear all,

Back when graphics were minimal, strategy games, specifically civ 1 took on the most depth for me as a gamer.

Medieval 2 Total War has been my favorite lately, but what else is out there?

What are your favorite strategy games today? (Starcraft 2 looks promising.)

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  1. I think my fav's have got to be Starcraft, Warcraft III and the C&C series. I've also been a fan of the Civ series.

    There's not actually a lot that I'm looking forward to in the Strategy games sector at the moment. I'm a big fan of engrossing stories hence the games I mentioned above. It just seems nowadays that games have lost this depth and its all graphics, graphics, graphics. I loved the Starcraft and Warcraft series as the stories were really engaging. Haven't had a similar experience since then really. Hopefully Starcraft II will be good though.
  2. Just to add, the very first strategy games I ever played that I guess got me in to the genre were 2 real old school games on my Amiga called Syndicate and Utopia. Awesome games. Loved Utopia.
  3. Starcraft. Next the C&C titles (especially Red Alert, gotta love HELLMARCH!) other than Generals.

    Today, I don't really play RTS's, I play a bit of Supreme Commander and C&C3 Tiberium Wars, i've moved to FPSs.

    But I can't wait for SCII! I'll be playing that against my uncle and cousins again (3v1 they still can't win).
  4. Starcraft and the old warcraft games are good I like the whole C&C series though not generals so much. The Total war games are great I lreally like the realitic way that they reward good stratagy and not just massive swarm tactics. I like SupCom because of the huge scale and the massive number of units.

    One of my current favorite RTS games is COH i like how the infantry will use cover inculding freshly made craters and how even 1000 rifle bullets won't hurt a tank and how the tanks can be damaged in different places like blowing up its main gun so it can't shoot. and its fun to make a group of tanks crash through a wall or watch then blast a big hole in a building that enamy infantry are hiding in.

    I hope that SC2 is as great as the first on was when it came out, I still play SC1 every now and then even though the graphics are looking a bit old ;) its still classic
  5. Ghostwalker, Stemnin, GrandAdmiralThrawn,

    The old school C&C series marked the start of it as far as I am concerned. It was the first get more land, get more money, get more army, etc game that I remember a thrill with. Warcraft was a great game, but Starcraft (though I never got real good at it) was a work of art. Games are definitely going all graphics these days but, that makes sence to me.

    The coh demo was awesome, though, I have never played the full sized game and I agree that SupCom is what computers were made for, huge depth, huge scale, lots of units.

    The FPS's are fun but I do not have the time nor the speed to play them "well." I was always a better medic on BF2 than anything else if you know what I mean. The ut3 demo has been fun to play and I am fairly interested in TF2, I just can't buy them yet.

    Ghostwalker, SYNDICATE!, that was original and one of the best upgrade systems I remember. You had the game machine, an Amiga. On syndicate, which I played later on the PC, my favorite was a weapon called 'Satellite Rain' that would drop rounds and rounds of uranium on the area you told it to. I still enjoy the civ series, just not as much as the first versions.

    Stemnin, if you want a real challenge on Starcraft...don't play me. C+C Generals just didn't for me either.

    Grand Admiral, I too hope SC2 is going to be as good or better than the first. I may invest in COH when the price drops a hair. COH was a well thought through game. Good execution of melding strategy and the graphics that PC's are capable of.

    Thanks for the responses. I appreciate the input and wanted to know what other gamers were doing out there and to see if I was missing anything.

    Any thoughts are welcome.
  6. lol, I was never a pro at ANY game, I consider myself jack of all trades, master of none gamer (I usually learn quick, and become quite good, but never pro). I learn as much as I can, like in BF2, I looked up all game's weapon stats, etc, I use that info partly in game to size up enemies etc. I had 2 friends in unversity that just smoked me at Starcraft, they just played that game, I only one very rarely, if they made a frekin huge mistake.

    PS, it's UT3, not ut4. My uncle and cousins sucked at SC too, there was no challenge lol, I always prepared for their eventual backstabs too.
  7. stemnin said:
    PS, it's UT3, not ut4.

    Fixed, thanks Stemnin.

    I did research on build orders and watched some replays on SC and would wipe out a friend of mine that played with me often but I never advanced much further. Funny what a little research will do, nerdy or not.

  8. Homeworld rocked. It took me so long to get good at that game.

    Alpha Centauri/Civ 2
  9. OMG, can't believe I forgot about HOMEWORLD, damn! I loved Cataclysm more, but damn that's one of the best RTSs ever! I never replayed a campaign so many times lol (never tried multi, had 56k at the time that was more like 24k.)
  10. Ananan said:
    Homeworld rocked. It took me so long to get good at that game.

    Alpha Centauri/Civ 2


    No joke! Alpha Centauri was one that I was just getting good at when I lost it. I am too lazy to go find it on ebay. Civ2 is still gold. Cataclysm was my favorite of the two, in fact, I still have it and will have to go dig it up. There were some great mods for that game, they let you have quite a few more ships then the default game. Great reminder man.

    On that note, I think my other favorites, not mentioned, are the old school hex based movers, the panzer general series, perfect general etc. Their natural move was to the free moving games we know today like SC or Total Annhiliation -> Sup Com.

  11. Civ II, Ceasar III, MOO II, MOM, Alpha Centauri
  12. Microprose classics. Oh how things have changed. I was just playing Master of Orion 2 last year.
  13. I'm going to have to be somewhat oldschool and say AOE II: The Conquerors.
  14. It's not strictly in the genre because it fits into a couple of others, but I'd have to say Dungeon Keeper.

    I was a master of the micromanaged imp rush. Build a T shaped tunnel as far out as you think is safe, and right across the map, then get the imps to fortify all the outside walls. It's very risky, but a guaranteed win when you've sealed off the enemy from the portals and gold/gem seams. And for when he gets round to researching the destroy walls spell, you've filled all the tunnels with lots of lovely traps, and hopefully teched/trained up a few high level vampires that you can possess (FPS elements) and walk to his dungeon heart, where they can cause a lot of damage.
  15. I got hooked into the genre by Starcraft, played a lot of AoE 1&2, but had the most fun with Warcraft II...ZUG ZUG!
  16. RTS:
    Age of Empires 2
    Caesar 3
    Company of Heroes

    Master of Orion 2 (not 3!)
    Galactic Civilisations 2 : Dark Avatar
    Civilisation 2
    Civ: Call to Power 2 was good as well - a bit different to Civ2.
  17. Disciples Sacred Lands and Warlords. That's like the only TBS games I played much.
  18. AOE II always looked cool to me, and seeing that many here like it, I may pursue that on a clearance rack somewhere.

    Disciples Sacred Lands looks like the Heroes of Might and Magic series, but I have never played it.

    Dungeon Keeper, is that the one where you design the dungeon with baddies and the 'hero' tries to get through?

    I see COH again as a favorite. That demo was awesome, but I just cannot play that in front of anybody as the language is terrible. Personally, I sort of don't care, but it gets old and to me, it can be offensive. Does anyone that plays that know if there is a toggle for the language?

    (I realize the fact that your are blowing people away and maybe that should be a bigger deal, but frankly, its a game, and that is all it is. I don't want to hear the same swearing over and over and over, I just want to play a game.)

    The good games seem to stand the test of time as they are repeated here. I wonder how RobWright is doing on vacation? His Redsox are going to the World Series.

  19. Portal, best "strategy game" ever.
  20. zooairz said:

    Dungeon Keeper, is that the one where you design the dungeon with baddies and the 'hero' tries to get through?


    Hell yah! Dungeon keeper rocked!!!

    red alert as another good one because it had BOATS!
    warcraft 2 over 3.. because.... of...BOATS

    RTS don't appeal to me the older i get. Requires to much planning before playing the game. It's just like chess but moving pieces
  21. C&C definitely. Red Alert was one of my first games, along with Worms 2. Hell March rocks, first and second version. Rome:Total War i also enjoy, but I really liked Time Commanders when it was on BBC2, so thats not a surprise.
  22. Oh yeah, Rome Total War is still a great game. I like to sit back, look at my lands and crush those barbarians. I hate those scythe chariots though, they tear my infantry up.

  23. Battlezone 2 was kinda cool.
  24. Stemnin,

    I never played Battlezone 2, but a friend of mine said it was cool as well. He said it was action in the tank and resource managment all at the same time.

    Is that Disciple sacred lands like the Heroes of Might and Magic series, if you are familiar with them? I don't remember seeing that much prior to your mentioning it here. I am also out of the loop sometimes, so don't take offense.

  25. I think so.. never really play heroes, I think I played one of em and it was pretty similar. turn based (I don't like turn based).

    The only strategy game im looking forward to is SC2, comon blizz show the ZERG!
  26. zooairz said:
    Is that Disciple sacred lands like the Heroes of Might and Magic series, if you are familiar with them? I don't remember seeing that much prior to your mentioning it here. I am also out of the loop sometimes, so don't take offense.


    Yep - the 2 are quite similar. Disciples is one of those great underappreciated games that lots of people buy eventually because of word of mouth, but seemingly no one buys when it comes out. Turn-based strategy does have the advantage of being pretty easy to set aside for a while if RL intervenes while gaming - God help me if the kids need something during a WoW raid... :whistle:
  27. Red Alert 2 + Yuri's Revenge Expansion --- I spent so many hours playing that game... ah, good times...

    C&C Tiberian Series was always great fun. I guess WCIII Customer Games are pretty fun as well. (I love playing Mazing Tower Defenses & Gem TD)
  28. FFXII is actually pretty good
    I was thinking of getting a copy of RISE & FALL: Civilizations at war. I played the demo and it seemed pretty good.
  29. starcraft and warcraft, blizzard all the way
  30. i liked the c&c series but atm im really into world in conflict online
  31. RTS

    Homeworld Cataclysm
    Homeword 2
    Warcraft III
    KOTOR 2
    Anything Dawn of War

    Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
    Star Wars Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy
    Star Wars Jedi Knight : Mysteries of the Sith

    Too bad there wasn't more "Homeworld" fans. It was a great game with a wonderful story to go alone with it!!
    Thanks for asking your question, brought back some fun memories!!
  32. All time - Starcraft
    Currently - only playing C&C 3
  33. age of mythology
  34. Dune 1, 2 + C&C's, syndicate, Dungeon keeper, battlezone 2, dark regin...warcraft I & 3 (2 is too cartoony)
  35. Dawn of War: Dark Crusade is amazing. I can't believe no one has mentioned it.
  36. My favorite strategy games of all time are definitely the C&C series. Dune was the very first video game (no joke!) I ever played at the age of 5. I grew up playing all of the other ones. The whole reason I got into computers was so I could play Renegade withe maxed out settings. My dad and I set up our first LAN connection just so we could play tiberiun sun and Renegade and all the rest together. We even bought multiple copies of the same game just so we could play (stupid cod key). Generals was horrible (just another Arab-racist game), but Tiberium wars made up for it. In all, C&C is definitely the best series of strategy games I have ever played. I also enjoy Civ4: BTS and COH:OF. Age of Empires was another good series, but I stopped playing it after the Conquerers expansion.
  37. tallguy1618,

    C+C seems to be one of the best of time as it is repeated here quite a bit.

    (just another Arab-racist game)

    You have a few posts on this forum regarding this issue. It is a reality that modern, high profile (in the news) terror is of Arab origin. Not all, but much. That is what these games often concentrate on. Russia is not a current enemy of the US, these terrorists are.

    If you have other feelings about this, PM me.

    I appreciate your thoughts otherwise listed.
  38. Can Not said:
    Dawn of War: Dark Crusade is amazing. I can't believe no one has mentioned it.

    I can't believe that I forgot the DoW games. :o

    I also forgot civ1, 2, 3 and AoE and AoW,
    I'm probably still forgetting one or two.
  39. Grand Admiral and Can Not,

    I use to play the orignial, non-PC, miniature Warhammer 40,000 games with friends in high school. I am glad to hear they made a good pc game cousin of it. I have never gotten to see it in person but it is good to know its out there.

    That is made by the same guys that did COH, Relic, I think. They make a great, dark game evironment just from my impressions.

    AoE 2 was my favorite of the first two, but I always like medieval stuff.


    I cannot say that I remember even seeing Dune, the game, come out. Sure, I can google it and see screen shots, but having never played it, I am assuming it is still a solid strategy game. All I heard was that the book was incredible and the movie was not so incredible or just plain bad.

    A few mention some space games, Freelancer and of course Star Wars stuff. Though they are not straight up strategy games, I wouldn't want to be dogmatic about that when talking about fun. In my opinion, there is some strategy in most games one way or the other. I have heard that Freelancer was cool and I would enjoy a good space game right now.

    Thanks to all for sharing, any further thoughts are welcome.

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