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In those last few weeks, I have decided to buy my first PDA. I discussed the matter with some of my friends, and they recommended me to buy a smartphone instead, specifically, the Sony P910. I checked it out, and looked good, but it lacks Wi-Fi capabilities, in contrast to the PDA I was considering: the Dell Axim X30 (624 MHz). I want to stay connected to the Internet in the cheaper way possible, so here is my dilemma: the P910 or the PDA? What do you think? Each one has advantages, and I can´t decide on one of them.


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  1. Based on your needs, the PDA between your two choices. However any CF or SDIO enabled phone can use a WiFi card. My Kyocera 7135 is SDIO but is not under the driver umbrella, and thus doesn't work well with the WIFI card, it does work well with most Bluetooth cards though (it's like 1/2 SDIO). So if you get a smartphone that can use a wifi card, then you have all of the above. Sony's draw back, it uses stupid memory sticks.

    Now if you simply want to stay connected around the house, then you could get a bluetooth adapter for your computer and run the internet through there, but for mobile internet on other people's nextworks you will need a wifi card. But if you think about it, a smartphone will allow you more options than the Axim, in that it will give you WiFi AND 1X/GPRS/3G access.

    -The TREO 600 and new 650 are sDIO.
    -The Fujitsu Loox is CF and SDIO with WIFI and Bluetooth if you can find one (they are in Europe), getting WIFI and Bluetooth on the phone version is expensive.
    -The XDA, XDAII, and Xphone all have CF expansion and the new XDAII have optional WiFi
    -The Audiovox Thera has CF and the PPC550 has SDIO.
    -The Samsung i700 also has SDIO.

    Out of all the above I would recommend the Loox if you can get it and afford it, then the i700 if you can afford it, then the XDAII, then the Treo.

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