I have intel i5 system but i can not install the mac OS X

This is PRAKASH........My friends are having dual core and core2duo systems only but they are using Mac OS X in their system... I have intel i5 Processor and asus Motherboard and all my components are high while comparing with my friends, but i cant install Mac OS X in my computer,there is any suitable Mac OS X for my computer... can u suggest any good Mac OS X for me..............
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  1. Leave that junk. You're much better off with Windows. Mac OS X isn't guaranteed to run on a non-Mac, anyway, and you might run into driver issues and such. You DON'T need it other than to show off in front of your hipster friends.
  2. Well OS X is made to run on Apple hardware only, but there are ways to get it running, it's appropriately titled "Hackintosh". Google "hackintosh tutorial" or something like that. You're in luck because it's easier to Hackintosh an Intel system than it is an AMD system.
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