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I'm having a problem with getting windows to boot on an older computer. All i get is a blank screen with the curser in the upper left hand corner. I jumped into the bios and set to boot off of my xp cd. that didn't work. I can see my cd drives and hd in the bios the jumper settings are correct on both.
I put the hd in a different computer and installed windows the message at the blank screen of no operating system found went away after that but but still the blank screen. as far as i can tell my parts are all good. Does anyone have any ideas ?
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  1. do you have any other versions of windows you can install? and then maybe upgrade?

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  2. thanks but I really don't think thats the problem. It's a pheonix bios btw if that helps
  3. I'm not entirely sure I've got the whole picture (the first part of your message never mentioned the 'missing operating system' message), but I have a few suggestions.

    First, it may help if you'd post a complete hardware inventory of the system, including make and model on the motherboard and CPU.

    Second, you don't mention what was on the system in the first place. We assume that it has been running under some version of Windows in the past.

    The big problem here is that you say the system refuses to boot off the XP CD, even though it has been set to do so. You don't mention if there is an error message of any kind associated with that failure.

    It sounds like you're using either a pirated copy of XP or a damaged XP CD. Either one could do this. Of course we're going to assume that you're not stupid enough to try to boot from an UPGRADE version of XP. We also don't know if the system will boot from a floppy. If not, then you have bigger problems.

    Let us know the answers and we may be able to help or point the way to a fix.

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  4. ok it's an old hp system hp 9800 to be exact
    athlon tbird 1100
    256 megs of pc133
    geforce4 mx 420
    wd hd 40gb
    motherboard unknown it's kinda funky though it has a riser for a couple extra pci slots and some sort of raised chip next to the memory modules. It is running a pheonix bios

    it has run windows before and I'm trying to intsall windows off of a manufacturer os recovery cd

    I know the xp cd works becaue i plugged the hd into another computer and installed windows on it.

    now the problem started as a blank screen with a blinking curser in the upper lft hand corner and a no operating system found message after a bit which is correct since the disk was blank.

    I could not get it to boot from cd so i installed windows xp with a different computer.

    now i still get the blank screen but the no operating system found went away.

    and i mean really blank no prompt or anything
  5. Okay, at least we have something to work with.

    Hmm, if only you hadn't got any display at all, I'd say bad video card. Unfortunately, it really is starting to sound like a bad motherboard, since you know that the CD and the hard drive work in another system. Do you see the connection here? --> CD won't boot, even though the BIOS is set to boot from the CD drive, and the hard drive won't accept Windows. That's assuming that you tried booting from a floppy on the system and choosing 'Boot with CD-ROM support', then doing a manual install failed. That says that the fault is in or around the BIOS or the IDE controller chip.

    Oh, and that also assumes that you've tried booting from some other CD, so that you can make sure that the CD drive isn't just getting picky.

    That's one of the troubles with owning an older proprietary system. When something goes bad, you stand a better than even chance of having to replace the whole thing, because you can't get parts to fit it.

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  6. I have not tried to boot from a floppy yet. I really don't know how to do that process I know you need a windows 98 boot disk with disk support but after that I don't know. Do you have an online resource you could point me to ?
  7. Assuming that all systems you have access to are XP, go to <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>.

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  8. My first question is:
    Is the recovery CD an HP recovery CD? Prefferably the one that came with the pc, since it will have all the right drivers and what not. I really don't know if this is your problem or not, but, recovery CD's have a funny way of not booting right if not used in the right pc.

    Second, and more likely scenario:
    It sounds like your CDRom has died. Since you can try the hard drive in a different computer, then surely, you could try a different CDRom in this computer and eliminate that as a possibilty.

    Third, and easiest thing to check:
    Make sure your IDE cables are in good shape. Also make sure that they are plugged in fully.

    IMO, it has to be one of three things. Since you already checked out the hard drive, it has to be the IDE controller on the motherboard (as peartree suggested), the IDE cables, or the drive itself. Just because the BIOS recognizes your CDRom, doesn't mean that it works.

    My 2 cents

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  9. Another thought on IDE cables. I don't know if it is relevant or not, but, make sure that you are using an 80 pin cable on the hard drive. They usually have a blue plug on one end, but not always. You can use an 80 pin cable in the place of a 40, but not the other way around. Just a thought, but if you don't have one with a blue plug, maybe your cables got switched around without you even realizing it.

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