Crysis DX9 vs DX10

Was coming into the forums (See Graphic Cards) to see if I got get help on the best way to upgrade my PC to play Crysis.
I was dying to see some DX9 vs DX 10 to see if it made a huge impact on the games feel.
Someone linked me to this side by side comparison.

From what I can tell the DX makes the darks darker somewhat, has better light rays and better details close up.
Like in the last shot you can see the rocks in 3d on the beach and the beach foot prints and tire tracks etc all look more 3d.

On most pictures though it looks like if you can play Crysis with DX9 on Medium your good to go.
Low really is so generic in details it would ruin the game IMO.
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  1. Already posted several days ago by someone else, maybe over a week ago.
  2. it was posted by me :d
  3. Yeah sorry. I scanned the first page headlines for any DX9 DX10 words and saw none so I posted.
  4. is it just me, or does NO ONE ELSE actually see these improvments in-game ?
  5. I can honestly say that I've completed Crysis on both XP 32-bit and Vista 64-bit and there is a difference.

    When you look from one screenshot to another there may not have a huge difference but the feel of the game seems a lot different between DX9 and DX10.

    Yes, 3D aspect is more advance in DX10 and the shaders are better looking in DX10. But the feel of the game is much different. The way the blurring systems works in DX10 is much more advanced. Everything that moves somewhat fast in slightly blurred to show how fast it is and so on. The best example is when looking at Prophet when he's telling you to jump of the plane in the first cutscene. DX10 shows a blurry arm when he's waiving but will not show in DX9 (even at very high settings).

    So you can only imagine the whole feel in gameplay. When people are firing at you and you have trees and objects falling besides you, the feel is all much more real. BTW, the tweak for blurring in DX9 is nowhere near the DX10 version.
  6. spac13 said:
    is it just me, or does NO ONE ELSE actually see these improvments in-game ?

    I don't. I see very low FPS to even really go "ooooo awwwww" at the scenery.
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