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Hi everyone,

I heard the Crysis will take advantage of multi-cores and the 64 bits architecture so i wanted to install windows XP 64 bits for that but i was wondering, if i install the Windows XP 64 bits will i still have the same performance in 32 bits games ? :pt1cable:

Thanks :hello:
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  1. Vista 64 here: I'm sure there's got to be a few frames per second here and there. But in actual usage, I do not notice any difference with the 32 bit games I have installed on my system. Warcraft 3, World of Warcraft, Neverwinter Nights 2/Mask of the Betrayer, Oblivion, and Bioshock. Having said that, I do have a solid amount of horsepower and up to date components inside the case on my desk.

    More to the point I think you're after tho: I do not recommend installing Vista in any flavor on an older system. Drivers, while *hugely* better than they were even a few months ago, can still be somewhat finicky at times. Often for difficult to determine reasons, as well. And I've noticed that many makers aren't even bothering to create drivers for older components. They'd rather force you to buy new. So I'd recommend that if you have XP now, you should stick with it. The benefits aren't all that great since XP also uses multi-core processors. Reportedly not *quite* as efficiently as Vista, tho in practice it's certainly close enough. You're basically gaining a prettier interface and DX-10 for the money and the trouble of upgrading.

    Of course, it's a different story for a new build. Yes, there are some issues, mostly related to vendor's drivers and incompatabilities which haven't been worked out quite yet. A little bit moreso if you're discussing V64. But if you look at the two at their respective releases and at similar stages in development, Vista *is* better than XP was.
  2. ya ok well, my system is not old at all, i bought it like 2 years ago

    here are my specs:

    CPU: Opteron 165 1.8 @ 2.7 GHZ
    MOBO: DFI Lanparty UT NF4 Ultra-D
    HDD: Samsung 250 GB SATA II
    Video: Asus EN7950GX2 1GB
    Memory: 4x512MB Kingston DDR-400
    3Dmark06: 7705

    So i guess ill do a Ghost of my system and ill try WINXP X64, ill see how it goes and if it doesn't work out that well, ill revert back to my Ghost image :na:
  3. I wouldn't do XP Pro 64 unless you got it for free somewhere. Someone already made a post saying how horrible it played while gaming.
  4. someone ?

  5. Try reading up on it in this thread (and/or do a forum search next time before starting a topic)
  6. few frames here and there. not much improvement
  7. xblackdemonx said:

    So i guess ill do a Ghost of my system and ill try WINXP X64, ill see how it goes and if it doesn't work out that well, ill revert back to my Ghost image :na:

    WinXP x64??? Don't you mean Vista x64? Do not try XP x64 it is a big waste of time, definately go for Vista.
  8. Well if i install Vista, then im sure to lose a LOT of performance
  9. A lot of performance? What makes you say that? Maybe when Vista first came sure but not now!

    I run Vista x64 and to be honest i cant really tell the difference in performance anymore between Vista and XP. Sure some things are a bit slower but on the other hand some things are quicker. Vista has matured far quicker than XP did when it first came out

    The drivers from NVidia although still not perfect are a huge improvement over what we had a few months ago. Plus with all the hotfixes/patches that Microsoft have been releasing means that Vista is no longer a big slouch anymore.

    As i say i run x64, play HL2:Ep2, WoW, Race07, GTR2 and even a few older games like Richard Burns Rally which all run perfectly fine with no problems.

    I am having an issue with my old Audigy 2 Zs sound card though in Vista but I have just ordered myself a new X-Fi Platinum Fatal1ty 7.1 Champion sound card which should hopefully fix the problem :-)
  10. well i didn't try the 64 bits version but on the 32 bits version, if i ran the 3D mark 06, on 7706 pts, i've lost nearly 600 points

    maybe thats not the case with the 64 bits though i dunno
  11. Don't use the crappy Vista Home: Basic version. Make sure you buy the Premium or Ultimate versions. From what I understand, all the others are crap - loaded with ton's of trialware and other unnecessary software.

    How much ram do you have in your PC? I don't see it in your sig. Anyways, if you open Performance Monitor in Vista, you'll see that it uses 700-800 MB of page file just idling. So upgrade RAM (No more than 4 gigs unless you go for the 64 bit OS, because 32 bit won't recognize more than 4 gigs.) There are also tons of performance tweaks that can be performed to optimize vista.

    Just some info here:

    Vista is configured to automatically defrag either weekly or bi-weekly. Make sure this crap isn't going on while you're benchmarking. Vista also has an extensive indexing service, and from what I understand it will probably run for the first day or two after the installation. So, either turn indexing off or at least make sure it isn't running while you're benchmarking.

    Those are just a few things you can tweak in order to improve performance on your Vista machine.
  12. Ya ok well the ammount of ram is in my signature but for some reason when they upgraded the tomshardware website it doesn't display more than 4 lines in the signature. If i go in my profile i can see it, And oh btw, the 32 bit version of Vista that i have IS the ultimate version

    and i use:
    Memory: 4x512MB Kingston DDR-400 (2GB)
  13. I have winXP64 and I have no problems with it at all....

    I bought it for the fact that I can use 4Gb of ram and have it all recognized.
  14. Hey Xblack,

    Looking at your specs and I'm afraid 64 bit won't do much of a difference for you. The 64-bit versions of OS were intentionally made for servers and computers requiring lots of juice. It processes more threads/sec than an OS 32-bit but regardless...you won't see improvements with you system.

    Actually, if you want to have the best performance in Crysis with your specs, I would stick with XP 32-bit...or vista 32-bit if you really wanted to experience DX10.

    By the way, XP 32-bit may not take full advantage of multicores but does take advantage of dual cores. The only reason you would switch to a 64-bit OS was if you got yourself a Quad with more than 3.3 gigs of total RAM (Including VideoRAM).

    Until then, consider yourself lucky to not have to go through the hassle of finding 64-bit drivers for all your components!

    Hope this helps
  15. Thanks!
  16. 3DMark has almost nothing to do with gaming performance anymore. Vista X64 is more than good enough for games now, you will loose next to no performance in games compared to XP.
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