WANTED - AMD Opteron 185 2.60GHz

I am looking for am AMD OPTERON 185 2.6GHz X2 DUAL CORE 2MB L2 939 CPU.


Well because i have an Asus A8N32 - SLI Deluxe motherboard with an AMD 4200+ x2 in it and i want to get a CPU that i can OC to 3Ghz. This Opteron should work just fine.

My Intel Q6600 died and as i do not want to replace the system yet.

So i thought that i would see how my old system 4200+ would run with my 2x8800gts 512's in it.

I am suprised at how well the system is running. All my games play great and i am having no problems with any of the games or software i thought would be a problem.

So i want to get the fastest CPU i can for this 939pin motherboard, OC it a bit, and wait till the begining of next year to buy a new system.

If you have an AMD OPTERON 185 to get rid of please let me know. ;)

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  1. Just curious, how did it die? Retail has a 3 year warranty... Overclock to 4.0ghz? lol
  2. Not the CPU, the motherbaord has a problem. heat on the chipset i think.
    The PC is very unstable after running with no problems for months.

    I am going to send the baord back. once it is replaced i will sell the thing.

    Asus P5N32-E SLI
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