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Please bear with me as I have never sold anything on here before and judging by the other things for sale here I most likely do not have all the information on all the parts that everyone will want. I have had this pc for about 3 years now and I am switching to a laptop so I just want to get rid of the whole tower. Please do not ask to split up the pieces, I want to get rid of it all at once. I'll post what I put on Craigslist (which got no responses :() and if there are any questions on specific parts I'll do my best to figure it out. In my view though, you're essentially buying the case, psu, and hard drives.

AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 1.81 GHZ
1.00 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 6600

There are also two optical drives. One DVD/CD Burner and one is just a DVD/CD player. A floppy drive is included.

There are 3 hard drives. 1 400 GB, and 2 160 GB.

The tower itself is a Thermaltake Tsunami.

The power supply on this computer is an OCZ 700W 700GXSSLI (

I have used this PC for gaming, I have played CIV4, Battlefield 2, and most recently The Orange Box. All of these games I was able to play at the highest settings and they looked great. If you buy this, it will NOT come with any copy of windows, and is being sold AS IS. I know for the most part that everything on this machine works and works well. This machine is great for a young gamer or for parts.

I'm listing this for $300 shipped, if you have any questions on the parts let me know. I am going to bend over backwards to try and get this out of my apartment so please ask if you want to know! I will also take comments on the price and if you want to work something out, we can. Thanks for reading!
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  1. What motherboard?

    Why sell it AS IS?

    For the most part everything works? What does this mean exactly?

    If you worded your craigslist ad the same way, I can see why no one was interested.
  2. I say as is because everything except the PSU is out of warranty. I don't want to sell it to anyone and have them come back to me a week later saying "well you never said XXX didn't work."

    As far as I know everything does work, I really only use it a couple times a month and I turn it on, and play TF2. That's it. My wording sucks there, I'll admit it.

    The mobo is this :

    I don't have the box or any of the extra cables and such.
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