CRYSIS DEMO LINK come n git it!----

((UPDATE--- this file is no longer considered a leak. Many sites now finally have it out for public download! Hurray!)))

You can also find it at fileshack (update, you can get it at many places now!)

File size is 1.8gb


(you should download the new beta drivers if you have an Nvidia card from here---

The beta drivers are said to greatly enhance the frames per second, so yeah it is vital!

(man am I glad I searched the crysis fan site forums today =D ) THIS DEMO HAS BEEN LEAKED EARLY apparently. Only people who pre-ordered this game from were supposed to be playing it today! w00t for the public and screw EA!)
This demo comes with the sandbox 2 editor.


It looks like this demo comes with 1 multiplayer map! I've heard that it's the same shore map from the MP beta. COOL!
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  1. Have you downloaded it? :heink:
  2. I have about 500mb so far (hate my slow 1mb connection) my brother already has it and is playing it right now :D

    UPDATE--- I now have 790mb 43%, couple hours to go =\, this link is working great, I am stable at 100-130kb a second (very good for my connection)
  3. Wow, THX, I started at 1.25 MB/s from that link! If that holds it's mine in 20 minutes.
  4. How big is it?
  5. You are all welcome =D

    My brother got it at like 900kb a sec (I made the mistake of telling him before I got it lol, so now he's playing it before me =,(
  6. 1.8gb

  7. The only fast thing about it will be the DL. My FX-55 / 320MB GTS is gonna crawl. :cry:
  8. I heard the new nvidia drivers do nothing for the game
  9. I am gona try the game without the beta drivers at first, then again with them to compare. I hope they make a big difference (like I've heard) or I am in very big trouble.

    You think you got it bad pauldh?

    I am running on a 6600GT (below req lol) and AMD 3200xp chip, 1gb ram!

    I am not 100% sure it will even work on my PC.... Should work, but wow I am at the very bottom of minimum here w00t! =-D

    Really it should run pretty good on your machine paul. My brother is playing on a XP 3200 as well, with a R700 AMD (256mb), and he is running it decent at low-med settings (though crashing on him every now and then).
  10. i am going to install it on my main gaming pc and also on my old 900MHz pc with geforce 6200 (i home my old 900MHz hits at least 60FPS on high :)) is anyone rooting for me? :)
  11. I'll root for ya, but only cause your borderline yiffy art avatar is soo freaking hot =D

    885mb downloaded 48% w00t!
  12. Good find bro, much appreciated. Time to watch my PC crash and burn..... in about 4 hours :P crappy Lite Cable.
  13. Woot! Finally I can decide whether the hype is worth it!!!!!
  14. Since no one actually comfirmed it... let it be clear once and for all.

    IT WORKS! Get it from which is where I got it from.

    It's capped at 250ck/sec but is a reliable source. The original link sent by Gamebro also works.

  15. oh this sucks, it wont even run on the old pc, it is like it's not even trying, oh well, i guess ill just have to use it on my main pc :)

    currently getting cheats for the demo :)
    (the program called artmoney also works for making your own cheats in single player games )
  16. Oh by the way... I noticed some people use Internet Explorer...DON'T.

    If you download anything bigger than 500MB then use Firefox. It's much more reliable when downloading big demos or similar files.

    You can get Firefox at

  17. I had no trouble with Internet Explorer..
  18. Quote: [...] oadla8.jpg

    The only fast thing about it will be the DL. My FX-55 / 320MB GTS is gonna crawl. :cry:

    Hey everyone is saying that the file is 1.8 gigs.But your dowload thingy says 1.77 Giggys!


    over 1 year of anxiously waiting for crysis, ends now!
  20. Read the whole topic dummy.

    well I hope my Pentium D 3.2ghz, 2 gigs 533mhz, OCed X600 will be enough to play the game on ultra low @1024 768.

    67 percent!!
  21. Quote:
    I had no trouble with Internet Explorer..

    Where did you get it at?

    Where did I get what at?

    The download file says 1.77 GB, but when I finished downloading it was actually 1.857,44 GB (actual file size).
  22. with a 6800 series card it can do low - medium and get smooth play but on high with full AA i get like 2FPS
  23. damn i've started getting it from file planet and it's coming in slow. Oh well it's late here, gone 5 AM, will be here in the morning.
  24. Bamebro I would like to hear how your PC is runningthe game. I have a 3500+ 1gb Ram & 7600gt.
  25. Ok my stats--

    AMD 64bit 3200XP chip (single core)
    1GB ddr 400 (only running at 333 due to mismatch)
    Geforce 6600GT 128mb AGP

    I can run the demo pretty smooth, but everything at low except physics (set to high). I think I could turn things up a bit, but is likely to get unplayable. I definitely will have to sit at near lowest settings until I get a new PC lol, but it does run more then playable for me! =D
    The graphics look pretty lousy as a result on my PC. Nothing like the screen shoots some other guys have been taking =0

    FUN GAME! Not quite as much destructible objects as I hoped, nor is the physics quite as realistic as I expected, but it still is fun thrashing trees and shacks into pieces. Also throwing the road flare kept me entertained (doesn't take much) for quite a while! That was kewl!

    I messed around in the editor with the island level, it took my ancient PC about 15 minutes to load into the map. Even giving myself cheater alien weapons, this game is HARD! It definitely takes careful strategy to beat the wicked AI, especially in large groups =\
    Well, I suppose it doesn't help that I haven't been playing shooters much this year either.... Still tough IMO!

    Boy modders have got some work to do on this title! First of all, we need a gore mod, AND a blood mod... There is no gore (was expected) and the blood is pathetic (basically non existant even when the option is turned on)... Or perhaps it just looks bad due to my low end pc?

    I'd love to be able to blow limbs off with a well placed and upclose shotgun blast, then pick those limbs up and throw em at baddies =D
    Imagine throwing a head? You could make a basketball game!

    CAN'T INTERACT (MOVE) DEAD BODIES! EVEN SHOOTING DEAD BODIES HAS NO EFFECT!!! LAME!!! Even farcry did this wonderfully, why the tone down in Crysis? I pray this is something modders can fix =?

    Bodies disappear after I've left the area and come back (maybe just because of my uber low settings?)

    Vehicles control poorly. Better then FarCry but still crap IMO.

    Some trees can NOT be shot down, even with giant explosions! Stupid!

    Many objects and platforms do not break but should, and in real life would.... Many posts, stairs, platforms, on and on and on... Considering how much crytek bragged about having destructible environments, it sure is a shame to see soo many objects that don't actually break >=(

    Uninteresting weapon set! I tried many different guns in the editor... I don't like them! The alien weapon was a joke, and there seems to be a lack of raw power in many of the firearms.... or am I missing something?

    Takes a LONG time to load a map (again probably due to my ancient pc).

    I still have a nasty sound issue!! Must be a conflict with my aging Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer card?

    Whew! lot of complaints, but I think most of this can be addressed by modders at some point and time, and other things simply fixed by getting a new rig.
    Otherwise, this is a fantastic game, I just desperately need a new PC to see it the way it was meant to be seen =)
  26. Guys, remember this is a demo!

    You can probably report problems for them to try to fix them up before it goes gold probably in early november. Or at least in the first patch to be released before Christmas I hope. That's the whole point of demo, to help them make a better released product.

    I, of course, won't be of any help. I really don't want to ruin my experience when I'll first play it. Sorry for the analogy, but I want to play it like a virgin if you can see what I mean ;). Plus, I just started HL2 Episode 2 (early Chapter 3 right now) and want to finish it before I play any other game. That will most probably tonight be, or next monday otherwise.
  27. I am going to find where gamebro lives and give him some money and a big hug, thanks dude, you rock.
  28. Thanks for the d/l link.
  29. dude it just slowed to about 1kb/s

    This freaking sucks donkey.
  30. Thanks bud! dling at 800kbs, hope it runs!
  31. You are all welcome =D

    That link in my first post is probably the best one out there. It might get slow at peak times, but otherwise many people have had good lucking getting the file at 800+kb a sec.

    Plus you don't have to sign up, or view any crappy adds or even web sites, just click the link and blamo! You got it!
  32. Have the beta drivers helped anyone?
  33. I think they helped me, but just by a small bit =\
    Then again what can I expect? I am running on a 6600gt lol

    I've heard mixed feelings from other people on that beta driver... Some hate, some love, most don't notice much difference.
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