Selling Entire Rig!! Dont know what to ask for it though

hello all!! heres the deal...i have played all the cool games (crysis, cod4, gow, bf2142, fear etc..) and to be quite honest i was never really into those types of games. i like sports games (madden, tiger, mlb, fifa etc) im tired of being a minority, i have tried to get my friends to convert from xbox to pc, but they want no part of it. what really has sent me over the edge is the fact that ea decided to quit making sports titles for the pc!! this really pisses me off, because i am an avid madden player since 1996!! well, i cant really afford to just go blow another 400 ducketts on an xbox, then some games (another 200) and pay to play online (what a gip that is!!) so i decided to sell this pc. i have enough spare parts from upgrading over the last 2 years that ill make me a pc just for emails, and online poker :) now, i know ill never get close to what i have put into it, but to be frank....i have no idea what to ask for it. i want to put it on ebay but i am definately going to have a reserve. so could someone please tell me what the minimum i should ask for it? thank you in advance for your help. ALSO...i apologize for the pics, my girlfriend has my camera at the time of me writing this, so i had to use my web cam (which means i couldnt turn pc off to take pics) so i apologize for the glaring lights. the red lights you see are the CB tracers with led's. also, the front led on case DOES work, but when i put the new mobo in i couldnt figure out where or how to hook it up (told ya i was new) also, there is a front panel that covers the 2 front fans, and i still have it, i found i got alot better air flow with it off. so heres the guts:

intel c2d e8400 3.0ghz wolfedale (45nm) (never been oc'd)
crucial ballistix tracers 4gig 2x2 CL4 ddr2 800 (currently running at 667)
bfg 7900 gtoc 512mb (still got the lifetime warranty)
western digital raptor 150gig 10000rpm
western digital 400gig 7200rpm
sony 52x32x52x16 dvd rom
hewlitt packard 52x32x52x16 dvd rom w/ lightscribe
asus dvd drive (sata)
floppy drive (i let someone talk me into this)
bfg 800watt psu
the case is a apevia x-superalien server case (it is HUGE) comes with (6) 80mm fans, front led for hdd and cpu temps, and front knobs to control all the fans
thermaltake 120mm cpu fan ( i also used artic silver when i place the cpu)

as for the mobo...before i got the 8400, i had a e6400 2.13ghz on an asus p5w dh deluxe. i was informed at the time (from asus no less) that the p5w could not support the 8400's 1333 fsb. so i bought an asrock penryn 1600 sli-1100db mobo. it doesnt have all the bells and whistles the p5w does, but it supports 1333 and 1600 fsb right outta the box!! recently i have heard that the p5w could support the 1333fsb with some tinkering, so if someone would prefer the p5w over the asrock i would switch them out. i have never had a problem with either of them, and would be happy with either.

ALSO!! when i said the entire rig...i meant everything except monitor and speakers. this includes a logitech g15 gaming keyboard, and the logitech G9 mouse. i have all the weights and interchangeable grips that came with the mouse. i also want to throw in the cyberpower 550va surge protector/battery backup. it says should provide power for up to an hour, but i found that with all the crap running on this thing it lasts for about 20 minutes. (still long enough for a proper shutdown, or that last all-in in poker :) ) i have never overclocked ANYTHING!! i honestly have never seen any reason to do it.

ALSO!! i have legal, legitimate, versions of both xp and xp x64!! i only want to get rid of one or the other though, as i will need one for the next build.

well thats it. i hope someone can help me out on this. i tried buying madden for my psp thinking it would hold me over till i could afford an xbox, but it sucks, sucks, sucks!! lol. thanks again for your help problem...could someone tell me how in the heck i upload the pictures!?!?! sorry
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More about selling entire dont though
  1. Hey, check the prices on ebay and take the lowest 3-5 "Buy it Now" items including shipping(also look at for reference pricing-remember you can't expect to get the same price that newegg offers for an item) and make an average and that is the fairest price for each item that you have then just sum it up and buyer pays shipping ^^.
  2. punchie, goto and open an account.

    You upload the pictures and then get several linking options including direct image where you cut and paste to display image, or you can link to them. etc.
  3. Price all your components on a site like Newegg, then deduct 25-50% to get the actual used value. Depending on where you sell it, the price should be somewhere within that range. Hope that helps.
  4. I can "rough price" it based off of newegg prices. Should be close. Remember that I knock some off because its used, so everything on newegg should cost a bit more.

    8400 ~$125
    4GBs ram ~$60
    Raptor 150GB ~$125
    Large hdd ~$60
    Couple of IDE CD burners ~$20
    SATA DVD drive ~$20
    800W PSU ~$75
    Case ~$40
    Windows $90

    Now for the trickier stuff. You didn't list a motherboard, so its hard to value it. If its 975/965, add another $40 or so. If its a P35, toss in another $60. If its some sort of P45/x48, then at least a $100 or more depending on accessories you can ship, original cost of board. You also have problems with your video card, seeing as the 7900GT is so old. There are cards out now that can beat it costing as little as $60-$75. For $60-75 you can even pick up used 8800/9600s, so the 7900GT would probably go for a lot less. I'd toss in $40 and call it good.

    So, add it all up, carry the three... and your looking at around $650 not counting motherboard. And remember thats what the buyer will want to pay, so that includes shipping. $700 shipped is a good starting price.
  5. If you are willing to part out I'll buy the 8400, ram, and PSU. Send me a PM.
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