Fall Games Preview, Part 3

Article written by Rob Wright.

We're in the thick of the fall season, with some major titles lined up for November. We look at big Wii titles like Super Mario Galaxy, the highly anticipated Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and more.

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  1. Too bad about Assassins Creed being moved til next year for PC. COD4 looks to be quite fun!
  2. I would rather have a game delayed rather than rushed every single time.
  3. i just want to see some more titles come to linux. I'm putting in my 2 cents... and I want games on linux... before they're 4 years old. :-p

    I build pc's for people, and i hate shista, sometimes gaming is a tie breaker, and i hate charging them for an operating system that's going to give them a headache.

    It's hard to understand how game developers will pop games on 3 consoles, but won't build a game for linux and windows... i just don't get it...
  4. I'd say that there are FAR more important and awaited games (Especially on the PC this year) than those. Just to name a few, COD4, Crysis, Unreal Tournament 3, The Witcher, Hellgate: London, Kane & Lynch: Dead men. Also other people looking forward to the PC Version of Gears of War, TimeShift (Although this one is slipping under the radar), and many others.

    Honestly with the insane amount of seemingly good PC games coming out on this time of the year I think this year PC gaming deserves a preview separate from the console games preview, it's just too much to cram it on a small article to be honest. (If I had my way Unreal Tournament 3 PC version would get a 20-page article XD)
  5. I guess Unreal Tournament and Crysis need no introduction?
  6. With so many games packed into the next two months the November preview was split into two parts. Crysis and UT3 are definitely very much on our radar.
  7. Oh lol, didn't realise there was 2 parts.

    As mr Burns would say "Excellent"
  8. so are they coming to linux? quake wars is... man, id software seems to have better games every time around... oh and did i mention they build on linux? and nobody mentioned savage 2.... savage 1 is free, savage 2 looks good... havn't played it yet though...
  9. cool only getting cod4 and assassins credd outta those
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