FS: E6600, 4X1gb Crucial Memory, (2)EVGA 8800gts 640mb

hey guys, i've revised my pricing on my items....

E6600 - $100 Shipped O.B.O.

4x1GB Crucial Ballistix X pc8500 - $80 shipped

(2) EVGA 8800GTS 640mb (same model number) great for SLI - $$240 Shipped O.B.O.
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  1. Hmmmmmm...

    No offense,but those 'GTS prices suck,no offense.
  2. thats for 2 video cards 240 shipped OBO
  3. The problem is that online retailers are selling 8800gt's at an alarmingly low price, you can practically get a 8800gt in sli for $200 NIB. And remember that the 8800gt's are always better that the 8800gts 320/640.
  4. the video cards arent for sale anymore i decided to run them with waterblocks n overclock
  5. i could use a waterblock for my 3870...
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