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hey guys im playin this game on my sempron 2.8ghz, 1gb ram, and gf8600gt. problem is im not happy everytime the REINFORCEMENT ICOn appears in the game and tells me that the reinforcements shouldve come "if only you have a quadcore 2x8800ultra in SLi r0x0rz", just kiddin, it says that i need to upgrade my rig. im also having a slideshow when im doin a siege and i tried all the settings to a humble low/lowest already and my pc still chokes

i mean to be able to have atleast 10,000 units on each side what kind of primary upgrade should i do (between the card and the RAM only, im goin to throw the sempron this holiday season anyway and i already have a processor in mind)?

i see the RAM upgrade as a very viable and cheap upgrade but what if it still doesnt work? and im really lookin forward to play this game up to 20,000 units on the map moving, killing each other, all the mayhem, the works

gimme a good suggestion ...

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  1. E6600 8800GTX 2GB RAM I cant even rune 10,000 units man it's a epic game but 10,000 units is not really nessacary. I tried it i got 6 fps unplayable
  2. oh great... are you sure about this? why aint tom putting this game as a benchmark..

    may i ask whats your graphics settings are?
  3. There are rarely any strategy games that are used for benchmarking, only at first, when they come out, probably because RTS's traditionnaly have always had lower Framerates than shooters. (i.e. everyone is like OOO LALA 150fps in HL2).
  4. HIGHEST possible in dx 9 obiously....
  5. MTW2 is a great game, I have an 8800 GTX, E6600 at 3.4Ghz, 2 GB Mushkin, 680i mobo..... I run 1680x1050 at 4xaa 16xAF with everything on high, this is playable with only a couple thousand units.... and Memory usage comes dangerously close to 100% ! If you really want to play MTW2 with LOTS OF need a better proc. you dont really need a better vid card ( you can turn down graphics and your cpu will only have to deal with shear numbers of units.) If you enjoy smaller battles, and you want them to look fantastic, then upgrade the vid you see where this is going? CPU for more untis, vid card for better looking visuals. Or get both!
  6. thats what im goin to do this holiday season supposedly but then again current hardware aint gonna do much to suit my taste.. mtw2 will probably rape 8800gt (which is the upgrade path that i have in mind coupled with a decent dual core proc) like the gtx.

    what i would do probably is uninstall the game and wait for the geforce 10 maybe then i can do what i want lol.


    i get your point. quadcore could be the answer then. i just hope santa claus will arrive to fill the hole in my pocket this december

    thanks a lot guys
  7. Medieval 2 Total War is a game just like all the other Total War titles, in the fact that it is extremely CPU bound. Memory can also play a big part in this game but as long as you have 2GB’s you will be fine in that respect. I used to play this game on a 3500+ (2.2GHz) with an ATi X800 XT PE and 2GB’s of DDR400. I got about 5FPS on the big sieges with about 15,000 units mind you it was still playable though. Just to note on the 20,000 only 4000 units are playable per side, all the others are held in reserve out side the playable map area.

    Now that I have my new system that is made up of a Q6600, an 8800GTX and 2GB’s of DDR2 800MHz. The game runs extremely well, I don’t know why someone else said they had problems running 10000 unit battles but even my 3500+ could do battles that small with frame rates above 20.

    I would suggest getting a much better CPU (semprons are not the best, hell there not even good enough to be classed as mildly good) and another gig of memory. The graphics card can wait for another day as it should be more than good enough for delivering moderate graphics quality.
  8. ok got it... screw the 8800gt, quad core is a must
  9. i play medieval 2 and i dont think it uses more than one core, so dont feel you have to get a quad core for med 2, id get a dual instead, but if u want a quad core for other stuff then ok.
  10. game is awesome at 3000 vs 3000 for me
  11. alright.. hey guys thanks for the help..

    now help me with my upgrade path:

    so im skippin the 88gt hype and stick with my 86gt for now. im goin to buy the quadcore + a 650i motherboard from ASUS or MSI and perhaps buy another 86gt to make it sli....

    (650i vs 680i dont make any difference according here

    or skip the 650i + 2nd 86gt for an x38?
  12. I have the Asus P5N-E SLI 650i with an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600. You are right in saying that there is no difference in speed between the 650i and 680i, the difference is all in the features. I would highly recommend the motherboard I have for a few reasons. It is an extremely good overclocker with the latest firmware allowing me set my DDR2 800MHz (4-4-4-12) to 1066MHz (5-5-5-15) with a simple voltage increase in the Northbridge and the memory. It is among the lowest cost 650i motherboards while being just as fast as something that costs 3 times its price. It also has 2 IDE sockets for if you still have more than 2 old IDE units you need to connect.

    The Q6600 is also a good overclocker if you’re going to get that so you will be good for overclocking in the future if you should need it. Remember overclocking 4 cores by 800MHz will be a lot more beneficial than overclocking 2 cores by 800MHz. If I read right on a review of my motherboard they managed to get the Q6600 to 333MHz FSB (per core) that’s 1333MHz FSB 3GHz per core up from 2.2GHz.
  13. lol.

    I'm reading through the posts and reminding myself of why I haven't bought this game yet -- my 64 3000+ and 6600GT just won't cut it.

    I've really enjoyed the Total War series, but this one will have to wait until I upgrade.
  14. @cafuddled

    im all set now then..well im not really into the features of the 680i, im more interested with the framerate my system will output (which makes the 680i garbage since the fps that the 680i and 650i is close as a hair, and besides the 680i is almost thrice the price of the 650, a BIG NO NO).. so q6600 + p5n-e will be my upgrade this christmas (what about the MSI 650 version, what do you think??) afraid i will have to skip the total war expansion for now cause be i'll be breaking my bank for my new system..well its gotta be worth it. btw im not into oc'ing

    my holiday list:

    pc upgrade --- check

    whats next?

    my next gen console i think i need to move from another sub section of this forum..thanks for the help guys.

    *packs up and goes to the console forum*
  15. The reinforcements message isn't actually to do with your hardware, you need to change a config setting, though the 1.1 patch supposedly adds a command line switch you can use.

    in file

    change value for unlimited_men_on_battlefield to 1

    otherwise you'll get your new vid card and probably have the same problem.
  16. uh oh. wait... so i just need to that and im good to go?

    if this works dude you'll be saving me a lot of money..i'll try this one out
  17. that message comes up all the time, no matter what hardware you have
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