clearing house AMD 939 System part-out, or Complete Gaming System


I am either going to part out my computer or I can sell the entire thing with zero software and a fresh format. If I sell the entire system that means the 8800 gts by Evga with 512mb is coming along with it. My computer is 100% stable and I am selling it because I am building a new one

Parts Currently:

CPU = AMD 939 4000+ == $60 shipped
additionally I also have an AMD 939 FX-57 == $400 shipped

CPU COOLER = Thermalright XP-120 == $60 shipped

MOTHERBOARD = Asus A8N-E == $70 shipped

PSU = OCZ ModStream 520W == $50 shipped
Additionally BRAND NEW PC Power Cooling Silencer 610W == $120 shipped

MEMORY = OCZ Platinum DDR PC3200 2x512MB, 1GB == $50 shipped
additionally Corsair XMS DDR PC3200 2x1GB, 2GB == $120 shipped

CASE = Thermaltake Armor - SILVER == $140 shipped
DVD = ASUS DVD 20x E616P2 - SILVER == $20 shipped
DVD/rw = NEC DVD_RW 3520A - SILVER == $20 shipped
SOUND = Soundblaster Audigy 2 Gamer == $40 shipped

Shipping is best way at buyer's expense or as marked

Best Offers
all pieces are in perfect working order


Best Regards,

Paul :)
Santa Monica, CA
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  1. uh, these are new prices from about 6 months ago... if you want to have a prayer of selling this stuff you should start by at least halving all your prices... and ddr ram is pretty much worth nothing. you'll be luck to get a fifth of what you're asking
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