Games for 2+ Players on 1 Computer?

Hey All..

I'm looking for games that 2 (or more) people can play on one computer with a couple controllers. I'm looking for some stuff so when my buddies come over, two of us can play instead of just watching the other person.. Anyone know if the following games will do this?

Madden NFL 08
Fifa Soccer 08
NBA Live 08
NHL 08

I couldn't find a definitive answer if those games are 2+ Player or not (without online multiplaying)

Are there any other suggestions out there? Maybe some other sports or racing games?

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  1. While it's neither sports or racing you could try worms. A great game to play with friends :)
  2. I remember playing NHL 01 or 02 multiplayer with gamepads at my buddy's place, you can try Spiderman Friend or Foe, check out the demo first.
  3. Total War Medieval 2-expansion Pack, has a hotseat mode, which allows to play from 2-5 players in a single PC.
  4. Play Little Bebo's Typing Adventure Happy Fun Land. Great party fun for 2 or more players!
  5. Mashed is a pretty good racing game like micro machines for up to 4 players
  6. Also there's a ton of good games on older consoles you can get from various places. Mario kart etc.
  7. Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Beat Em up style adventure RPG game reminiscent of Fighting Force games that you can level up and and gain new powers to use on your heroes. I believe there are also X-men Legends games with the same type of gameplay.
  8. nfl 08 allows at least 2 people to play at once.
  9. Risk 2!!!!
  10. With 2 Pads on PC, the best game's I've played are: Splinter Cell (Can't remember which one), and Shadowgrounds (although the style isn't to everyone's taste, it's 3rd person shooter with 2 people on one screen.)
  11. [#63ff00][#009b63]Hey, I was looking for the same thing for my media center Vista PC. If you are still on XP there are a wealth of games you can play, but with vista you are a bit more limited.

    On vista I use:
    - You Don't Know Jack 1-5 (no controllers needed - 3 players max)
    - Spiderman Friend or Foe
    - Monopoly 2008
    - Little Fighter (2d side scrolling/fighting game - 4 players and free)
    - Tiger Woods

    On XP I had: (these are older games, but still very fun)
    - Need for Speed
    - Roll Cage
    - Deathtrack Racing (racings, power-ups, missles, fun)
    - Tony Hawk 2

    If you find any other good 2 player games let me know.
  12. Most turn-based games will have a hotseat mode, but playing hotseat Civ4 might be a bit long...

    Sports games will usually support 2+ players if you have enough controllers (using the keyboard is horrid) - Pro Evo is excellent for footie.

    I can also recommend Worms - works very well as a hotseat game, and you can have lots of teams (up to 8 at once I think).
  13. Quote:
    Mario kart

    Oh yeah! :D
  14. need for speed: hot pursuit, but that's a little outdated by now...
  15. llama_man said:

    I can also recommend Worms - works very well as a hotseat game, and you can have lots of teams (up to 8 at once I think).

    I second that
  16. Host a LAN party! Of course your friends will have to drag their computers to your house.

    With just 2,4, 6 or 8 friends you can play numerous games. If cost is a problem there are a lot of older games out there that are still fun for groups and have very low computer requirements. Warcraft II or III is great. Starcraft, Diablo I or II, or Battlefield 1942 with numerous mods never gets old.
  17. AoE2 for LAN! Still one of the best RTS (I assume I don't need to mention Starcraft).

    Unreal Tournament is also fun and will run on old rigs.
  18. Hi there! Back when we didn't have 2 laptops, not the courage to install a video game on the company laptop :lol: , I played the Chronicles of Narnia (the first one, don't remember the exact name) with my husband and we had lots of fun. Try it out and if you find similar games, pls post them here, I'll be checking this site for (good) news, hopefully!
  19. I realize this is an old thread but I saw it's been resurrected and figured I'd add that Left 4 Dead can be played 2 player - split screen with either keyboard/mouse & gamepad or 2 gamepads.
  20. Thanks, Purplerat, although it seems a bit too scary 4 me, I'm sure my hubby will give the L4D a shot :wahoo:
  21. masterblaster2006 .. bomberman, we play it with 4 gamepads in usb hub .. lot of funny hours and not sleeping nights ;)
  22. Burnout Paradise is a good'n that I play with my sister every once and a while, it's "party mode" is a lot of fun... Street Fighter 4 recently was released for PC, which is awesome :) and the Guilty Gear Series is another good fighter... I currently have Guilty Gear X2 #Reloaded installed right now, and am certain that it has 2 player capabilities on the same compie. I guess I haven't played more than 10 minutes of it, but GRID looked like a good racer, and I wouldn't be surprised if you could do split screen or trade off in that game, don't take my word for it, though... Enjoy, I suppose!
  23. Dynasty Warriors 6 with gamepads and keyboard. Dynasty Warriors 4 the same.
  24. L4D splitscreen
  25. Try TMNT 2003 or TMNt battle nexus (very good games for 1-4 players)
  26. :pt1cable: Try this games
    Hot wheels beat that
    Serious sam
    Fantastic 4
    WWE raw
    Watchmen end is night
    :kaola: If you not have gamepad use ppjoy emulator
  27. You can try any of the Heroes of Might and Magic series, its turn based strategy.
  28. wwe
  29. I just bought 4 X-Box 360 controllers and the PC signal receiver for my HTPC. As they are being shipped, I am doing some research on what's available for the PC.

    What kinds of shooters, sports, and racing games do you recommend. Is it possible to play Halo 2? I notice many games released on PC don't have the same multiplayer capability that their console counterparts do have. I'm talking about multiplayer with 1 screen and 1 computer, not LAN.

    If I can game multiplayer on the HTPC, I think my HTPC would successfully replace the DVD, Blu-Ray, Cable Box, CD/Radio, and video game systems. The HTPC could be only piece of hardware I'd need in the living room! Now what to do with all the superfluous wires?

    Thanks in advanced for your help.
  30. Please start a new thread and let this one rest in the peace that it so craves.
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