VGA for new games.. ?

Hello all, I just wanna hear your opinion about a VGA matter.
I have a P4 3.2GHz(1MB L2cache/800FSB), 2.5GB DDRII 533MHz with an ASUS 7800GHX 256MB PCI-E.
I play all the games almost with full details. Games Like HL2,Fear, WOW,Dawn of war etc. (1680X1050wide res)
The problem is that my 2 last games (C&C 3 and Company of Heroes-Opposing Fronts) with High details start to lower too much the frames and I'm facing delays. I reduce the quality and I saw serius improvement.
So I came with the question...

If I change my VGA (Which is 1,5 - 2 years older) to a 8800GTX 768MB. Would this solve my problems? or Should I need to change CPU to C2D?

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  1. Changing one or the other won't help you. You need both to get the performance boost you want. A non-dual core will bottleneck the 8800GTX down to speeds similar to your 7800 or a 7900, so you'd be wasting your money. Just get both, or even downgrade to the 8800GT, which comes pretty close to the GTX, and use the extra money to buy the C2D.
  2. it''ll bottleneck like ceazy get a c2d or c2q first
  3. The title of this was a little misleading, I assumed you were asking whether or not it made a difference to use a DVI or VGA input, although C&C runs pretty well on a 6800 and XP2500 I had so probably you're expecting too much from a system that is at least 2 or 3 years, i have a slightly better machine and I don't play above 1280x1024.
  4. I played C&C3 on my old comp with a p4 @3.6ghz and the game ran fine...until there was a lot of action going on! I think that your bottle neck is probably your cpu--so getting a c2d or c2q will help out immensly,as i noted that this problem went away when I got a c2d.

    ..unless your talking about texture fill rates and all the sort (running with more details at higher resolutions)--then you would need to upgrade the card as well.

    hope this helps-
  5. I'm running a c2q q6600 with an 8600gts and only find slowdown in cnc3 when theres lots of action going on (full graphic settings with 1280x1024), or if im playing as Scrin, but they're gfx heavy anyway
  6. well, for you, i can more or less Guarantee that its the 8600 (they SUCK if you hadn't guessed)
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