Did I buy a 360 or a space heater?

I finally decided on a 360 for my console upgrade.

I really like it. Easy to install, games look and play great, nice interface, etc

But $%( the thing is hot! So far the heat hasn't affected anything performance wise (it's only been about a week) but it is seriously the hottest piece of hardware I have ever purchased.

When I say space heater I'm only kind of joking. When you put your hand next to it the air coming out of it is scaldingly hot.

Is this normal for a 360? Or did I get one that isn't functioning properly?

I just can't imagine something so hot lasting very long. Then again - maybe I'm just late to the current gen console party and I'm overreacting.

Again - no bash on the 360. I love it. Just a little worried about the temps.

Should I get that extra $59 warranty?
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  1. Some of the 360's had bad heatsinks. I think that extra $59 warranty might be a good thing.
  2. normal for 360 if you get red ringed microsoft fixes it free anyways
  3. microsoft give you a 3 year warranty ( call up microsoft pick up 10 days give it back to you or you might get a new one)
  4. Be warned... if microsoft services your system there is a good chance you will lose all data on the drive and any live marketplace games you purchased will no longer be tied to your system making it so that only you will have access to the full games. This is only a concern if you have friends who also play on your 360 and have their own gamer tags.
  5. The 360's have a TERRIBLE thermal design.
    Adding ~ finger width to the height would more than solve the problem.
    The heatsinks are WAY too small and the fan and ducting give priority cooling to the cpu.
    I got one of those 'intercoolers' off eGay. Is loud as ****, but after modding my console, i cant afford it dying from heat.
    Its usually the gpu that dies btw.

    Spend the $20, forget the warranty
  6. I guess I'll take my chances with the normal warranty. I was able to track down three old friends who own an xbox 360; all three boxes are still alive.

    I guess 3 for 3 is better than the worldwide average. I might look into extra cooling.

    Man the 360 is cool. I can't believe it took me so long to upgrade from PS2.

    Of course - that could turn into a serious rant if it craps out on me and Microsoft makes the servicing process a hassle.
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