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I came across an interesting EA Store FAQ.

When you try to pre-order Crysis and you want to download it you have to pay an extra $5.95 for this.

What is Extended Download Service?
Protect your purchase with Extended Download Service. We will keep a back-up copy of your digital file should you need to re-download it for any reason. This service will enable you to make multiple downloads of digital computer software products purchased in a single order and downloaded from this website for a period of two (2) years after the date of purchase.

That info can be found here

Looks like you will be better off just buying the retail version, in 2yrs you will have to burn it anyways so why not just get the retail box which will be easier to keep track of.
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  1. After this new version of download manager and the new rules, its much better buy the retail version because they want to take 5$ more each time you download the games and this can happend a lot, por ex after you format the hard drive or install a new OS, myself all ready install BF2142 about 7 times from the downloader, but this is the last game i bought a game this way!!

    Have a look at this post that i saw on other forum, its a way of saving the files and burning on cd after you donwload from EA
    downloader, i never tried but should work:

    Go to your main HDD (C:\) and find

    C:\ProgramData\Electronic Arts\EADM\Cache\{#########}

    for example Northern Strike is:

    C:\ProgramData\Electronic Arts\EADM\cache\{ do not share this # }\bf2142_bp1\setup.exe

    you'll see clearly labeled (thank you for once EA) folders which contain now (not back in EA Link) setup.exe files which you can burn to disc. WOOT WOOT!

    Have a look at my blog
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