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Can anyone make a suggestion of a really good single player RPG? Specifically I'm looking for something that's high-fantasy. Ideally I'd like to find a game where you can play a paladin type character that spends a lot of the game tearing through undead. This video is a good example of what I'm looking for, but a lot less cartoony (a dark Ravenloft type atmosphere would be a plus), also less hack-and-slash and more holy justice!! :wahoo: I liked some of the things I heard about Witcher, but I'd like to play a character that has some divine inspiration (complete with zombies catching fire once they get hit with the pally's sword, etc.). If anyone could suggest something along those lines, or with even one or two elements, I'd really appreciate it.
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  1. witcher is a good choice. Try 2 worlds> oblivion?
  2. Oblivion is nice, but I think Morrowind (it's predecessor) was much better. Except for the graphics, but there are some mods out there that improves them.
  3. Haven't played it, but how about Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines? It used the Half Life 2 engine, but not much physics. It's still on the list of games I would like to play.
  4. That dark messiah game maybe (similar to oblivion)? whatever it's called.

    strider, do you have a fairly up-to-date pc to run oblivion and the likes?
  5. dark messiah is a crappy game and multiplayer is basically knifing in source
  6. Currently im playing Hellgate:London, and its awesome. Even in SP.
  7. in gothic 3 you can wear paladin amour and cast certain paladin type spells ,and theres plenty of skeletons and undead to fight. After 100+hrs im allmost finish o yea and you can get a flame sword.
  8. Crap, forgot Guild Wars, I don't really play it anymore, but I did play almost 2k hours, look into it, one of my favorite games.
  9. You can play a paladdin in Neverwinter Nights 2 and there's lots of undead to fight, the main guy is an undead guy. Also you might try icewind dale, its fairly old, 2d graphics based on the baldur's gate engine but features extensive undead killing also it's quite tactical in its battle system.
  10. The Paladin sequence in Gothic 2 is pretty cool as well. Graphics are a few gens old but still very servicable.

    If you play it try to find the gold box that includes the expansion.
  11. heroes of the annihilated empire try google it, good rpg style with twist & mucho of undead
  12. jaguarskx - don't wait, play Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines already:) Game has wonderfull atmosphere, with its loud, "dark" music in vampire clubs, or spooky hotel, or zombies coming at you from every side.. The plot must be one of the best i've played. And people are still releasing patches once every month or so, i guess, trying to fine-tune it to perfection:)
    However, it's not the "Paladin" game striderryu was asking for.. I myself now play might and magic 7, with a paladin in my party, fight for the "good" side; it's a good game, just very old:) But next RPG I'll try will probably be Witcher.
  13. neblogai said:
    jaguarskx - don't wait, play Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines already:)

    I would like to but I gotta work, hang out and play Galactic Civ 2 and finish NWN2. I'll play Vampire once I'm done with one of those games, and I need to add Crysis and Civ 4 to my list of must play games.
  14. Diablo II
    Baldur's Gate II
  15. Neverwinter Nights 2/Mask of the Betrayer. On the surface, Paladin seems to be the character you want to play. But if you don't mind buffing yourself from time to time, Clerics are stupidly powerful in that game.
  16. Gothic 3 or tes oblivion ;)
  17. why did no body mention fallout 3?

    edit: if you have playstation - the final fantasy series are the best RPGs ever made PERIOD. play 7,8,9! great games!
  18. nobody said fallout 3 because it wasnt out in 2007 when the thread was started!
  19. werxen said:
    why did no body mention fallout 3?

    Oh, Werxen....funny! :lol:

    You, Sir have been Necro'd ™
  20. I've played quite a few single player RPG's in recent years and the best game I've played during that period by far is The Witcher. Remember with an RPG a character class doesn't make a game good or bad, what makes an RPG enjoyable is (other then the gameplay) the storyline and in this case the Witcher has the best narrative since Knight of The Old Republic. The line between good and evil is smudged and it isn't as clear cut as it is in other games such as Oblivion, in fact looking back Oblivion looks like a kiddies game in comparison to the Withcer.

    If you do buy the Witcher be sure to get the Enhanced Edition, other then fixing all the minor issues with the original game it offers fantastic value for money as well, you get the game + additional content, audio CD with the game fantastic score, making of DVD, game guide, A3 map of the playable area and a proper old school style manual. The should keep you occupied for a couple of months at least, in terms of replayablility is second only to Knights of The Old Republic IMO.
  21. OMG !

    u guys naming like ALL most crapy games anno 1800 or what lol !
    think ur all got stucked on a pentium 64 tbh hahaha
    what about Celtic Kings :O
  22. OMG !

    u guys naming like ALL most crapy games anno 1800 or what lol !
    think ur all got stucked on a pentium 64 tbh hahaha
    what about Celtic Kings :O
  24. For non-fantasy/non-medieval RPG, it's laughable that Mass Effect isn't mentioned anywhere, given its super budget/super-studio production, its scope, level of immersion, and overall addiction factor, it's hands down (and yes, I'm being objective) the best Sci-Fi based RPG (Fallout 3 notwithstanding) you'll likely ever play. Fallout 3 is also a must-play. Fallout 3 might be the most addictive, and believable open-world type game I've ever played besides the aforementioned Mass Effect.

    For fantasy, I echo the sentiment of others with Oblivion. Not much compares to that game aside from possibly the now very dated original Neverwinter Nights. As far as Fantasy RPG goes the adherence to original D&D canon and rules, scope and detail of the original Neverwinter Nights was so vast, and layered, that millions could play it and all have unique characters with unique items. It was literally that deep and complex. It's a shame what Obsidian Entertainment did to the Neverwinter Nights sequel. Although I hear Bioware's upcoming Dragon Age is supposed to be the spiritual successor to Neverwinter Nights. They have a sparkling resume with reagrd to creating masterful RPG's so I have a feeling Dragon Age will be the next big RPG.

    So my "must-play" RPG list in no particular order:

    1. Neverwinter Nights + sequels (the original)
    2. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    3. Mass Effect
    4. Fallout 3
    5. Dead Space (not a true RPG but close enough to warrant playing)
    6. Fable: The Lost Chapters
  25. X3 terran conflict
  26. original post people -------> 11-06-2007 at 01:59:52 AM
  27. Diablo 3, but for now try the witcher.
  28. you cant go wrong with diablo
  29. I love Diablo (all series). Try also World of Warcraft or maybe DOTA (warcraft 3 map) if you like online games. These online games also have offline if you like playing by yourself.
  30. HELLO PEOPLE !!!!!!! WHY R U POSTING HERE ???????????



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  31. Your wish is my command.
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