Crysis with nvidia 8600gts

Hi guys, This is my first post in this forum, so if I make a mistake please excuse me.

My old pc was having problems, so I have build a new system before two months with these:-

Intel Core2Duo E6750
Asus Commando
XFX nvidia 8600GTS
120GB Hard disk (old one, may upgrade later)
Windows vista home premium 32bit

I tried Crysis demo on it in DX10, first I make the game put the perfect setting for my system, so far it is all in the middle. Then I started the game, everything was working nice. Some problem is some areas (because of the graphic card) but the over all was really nice.

I am just wondering, can I get a better performance with the game if I change the game play from DX10 to DX9? or maybe going to vista 64bit?

Note: I know that some people with recommend the 8800GT for the game. But I cant change the graphic card now.

And thank you in advance.
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  1. 64 bit wont show alot of performance boost but dx9 will
  2. Agreed. 64 bit shows minimal improvement whereas moving to DX9 doesn't lose much quality (especially at lower settings) yet greatly improves the frame rate.
  3. My advise is go back to XP, Vista still gives to many problems with out solution, with directx 10 you may get better look to the game but lower perfmance compared to dx9, your graphic card is the second best at the moment straight after GeForce8800GTX so is a very good card stick with it, you can see here, i played the demo with a GeForce7950GT on XP with everything on high, but only got 15FPS but no problems at all, my opinion go back to windows XP.

    CPU: Intel Core Duo E8650 @ 3Ghz
    Graphic Card: GeForce 7950GT
    Motherboard: EVGA 680i SLI
    HDD: Wester Digital Raptor 74Gb 10.000Rpm
    Ram: 2Gb Corsair TwinX XMS2 DDR2 PC2-6400 (800)
    Cooler: Zalman CNPS9700-LED Super Aero Flower
    Sound: Creative Xfi Elite Pro
    PSU: Enermax 600w
    Case: Thermaltake Kandalf
    Monitor: 22" Asus Widescreen

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  4. Octagonz said:
    your graphic card is the second best at the moment straight after GeForce8800GTX so is a very good card stick with it

    No it isn't (8600gts, 8800gts 320, 8800gts 640, 8800gt, 8800gtx, 8800ultra - and thats just the nvidia cards)

    Remember vista SP1 should be out soon and Im sure microsoft is holding back some performance upgrades that will make SP1 look worthwhile so it may be premature to throw out vista and go back to XP.

    The 8800GT is definatly worth looking into somewhere along the line unless there is something better at the time.
  5. i wanna know wat can i have on HIGH and wat on medium...i figure out that postprocessing should stick to medium lol..but wat else should i down to medium..i got a 8600gts @ 755mhz 2200mhz. 2gb ram @ 960mhz ddr2 and 4200 @ 2.7ghz.... running DX9 ...
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