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I am in need of some assistance! (Hello!) I am seeking a Intel P4 sytem with 512 (?) FSB (Front Side Bus) and SDRAM not DDR RAM! If I SHOULD use DDR RAM please let me know! I seek a computer that I can have for a couple of years. I have a P2 400 with 512MB SDRAM and am happy with it. I am seeking to get a system that will last me about 3 years, as the other one has. It works well, but I seek something a bit better. Thank you.
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  1. Your budget and uses aren't listed, so any recommendations will involve some guesswork. Whatever you do, don't use sdram. It doesn't work well with the p4. If you don't have any experience building pcs, look at Dell systems just for value. I can't build a comparable system for their prices. If I were building a new system, this is what I would use:
    Raidmax model 172 case $30
    Antec 350 watt ps with dual fans $48
    Gigabyte 8sg667 mobo with sis 648 and dual bios $95
    p4 2.4B cpu retail with heatsink $187
    Kingmax pc3200 256 megs ddram $85
    Ati radeon 8500 64 meg video card (refurbished) $109
    Lite on 16x Dvd $45
    Lite on 48x24x48 cdrw $59
    Altec Lansing 5 pc speaker system $33
    Windows xp home edition $93
    Basic keyboard and ps2 mouse $15-20
    Shipping $25 (estimated)
    Total about $828 (
  2. I'd upgrade your old sytem with a new processor. Powerleap carries a 1400MHz upgrade kit that will work.

    SDRAM and the P4 don't agree. A P4 2.0GHz 256k processor is slower than a PIII 1.0GHz when both use PC133.

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  3. Thank you for taking the time to reply! I am looking for a system around $500.00. I have all the other components. I am an avid or amateur builder. I really only want a processor, fan, and motherboard, and possibly a case to put it in. I have the other pieces. I'll take them out of my current system.
    Thank you for the SDRAM and DDR RAM explanation. It helped me out greatly! I will definately check out the DDR RAM and forgo my SDRAM.
    I heard people talk about ABUS and ASUS I think, I'm not sure. I am so bad at this stuff.
    I want a system that will last me for 3 more years. I want something that I can play DAoC on, a gaming system, played over the 'net as a MMORPH ( So when I get into battles I want to be able to handle the lag when others come into view and their information is stored or loaded onto my system. I have a DSL connection so I am not too worried about lag from the network. I basically want to put some cash into the system upfront, and get a system around 2.5-2.8, something good that will last me a good while like my PII 400, which has lasted me a good long while.
    I was looking to get a system that was bundled together, a barebones system with the 3 components all together, but I will DEFINATLEY check out what you mentioned and give it a whirl!
    Thank you!
  4. for 500 bucks you cant beat this combination:

    1) p4 2.0 Northwood( $142.00

    2) gigabyte GA-8SG667 ($95.00

    3) 512 mb pc2700 ddr333 sdram ( $149.00)

    4) Antec SX840,Performance Series case ($104.00) in my opinion one of the best cases made, comes with a 400w power supply

    all this comes to a total of $490.00 including shipping and taxes......this should serve you well....and if you really wanted you could bump up the processor to a 2.4ghz for 40 bucks more....throw a kick ass video card in and you are set...good luck man
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