Old games on XP (AOE 2)

I have found my retail copy of age of empires 2 - The age of Kings and would like to play on my Windows XP machine.

The game installs perfectly and once I click - run - I get the loading screen then nothing, it dissapears, no warnings, no hang, just gone.

I have tried using the compatibility mode but none of them work (Eg windows 95 / 98 etc)

I have tried downloading and using the 2.0a patch from the AOE2 site but once I install that the game brings up a warning saying that the disk is not in.

However I can download and play the free demo (also from the AOE2 site) so i'm thinking there is a file or patch missing in the reatail copy I have that has been added to the demo to allow it to play on xp.

Would anyone know of any third party patches or have any extra advice - thanks

I run ATI 1900xt - latest omega drivers
Core 2 Duo
2gb ram
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  1. I still love and play AO2 The Conquerors. Just use no cd fix. I'm sure you can find one at megagames.com. Don't know about any computability issues so I would recommend to remove the demo just in case.
  2. Awesome, thank you friend. I found exactly what I needed on that website and am now enjoying Age of Empires again.

    Thanks, :P
  3. awesome game still playing it
  4. age of empires 2 works perfectly on win xp we are playing it on 2 win xp systems, it newer had compatibility issues with xp for me.

    and yes great game make sure u running it on max settings and resolution

    also i use Microsoft Virtual PC and installed Windows 98 :) sometimes i like to play old games that only work on 95/98
  5. hey frnd pls help me out...............m using DUAL CORE PROCESSOR with
    2 GB RAM
    but still when i play AOE 2 it hangs up..cursor moves very slowly................
    scren scrolls very slowly in slow motion pls help...thnx in advance i hav already tried the graphic setin high low method but nothin works....................pls help out...................
  6. you can download both AOE + conqs and play online for phr33 !
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