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iv re installed it 3 times (WoW) and my pc randomly turns off only when i play the game the pc is a gateway GT5026E... sometimes i get a message saying video driver is being shut down restart to turn it back on or a blue screen sayin pretty much the same thing...and there are no updates for any of my drivers any ideas ?
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  1. Perhaps your PC is overheating and it automatically shuts down to prevent any damage. I would call Gateway.

    Specifically, the video card may be overheating. Dead fan?
  2. it only lasts for about 10 mins or less.. and shuts down if something big happens or if i switch towns most of the time
  3. Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950 Video fan is fine topc is almsot brand new
  4. Onboard video.. does that even heat lol......

    Your PC?
  5. The fact that the video driver is shutting down sounds like there's an incompatibility somewhere or the driver itself is damaged. I know you said you had the latest drivers but a common fix for these kinds of problems is to uninstall your video driver, run a program like Driver Cleaner (it used to be free but now it's not which is only really a problem if you're on Vista) that will completely remove the old driver, then do a fresh reinstall of the current driver.

    When you uninstall a video driver - or just install a new one on top of it - there are a lot of remnants of the old driver still floating around Windows and they can sometimes cause problems.
  6. nah i dont use Vista i only hear bad things about it nothing good :P well ill go try that thanks for the advice and time
  7. How much memory do you have in your machine? You mentioned heavy slowdowns in town, which is often made worse by having too little RAM. Keep in mind too that with onboard video, some of your "system" RAM is grabbed for video, perhaps leaving too little to run the game cleanly...
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