Half Life 2: Episode two

I have noticed that Half life 2: Episode 2 is being sold as part of the 'Orange box', but does anyone know if Episode 2 will be released separately? I already have HL2 and Episode one, so it just seems a waste for me to buy the 'Orange Box' :(
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  1. Why even complain? You are getting all those games for the price of one and you can give away hl2 and episode one if you already have it.
  2. If you want a retail copy you must buy the orange box. For a while it came bundled with HD2600XT's in the black box. You can buy EP 2 through steam, but it's $20 just for it without TF2 or Portal. I like Portal alot, and am now hooked on TF2. Ep 2 was very good too. The orange box is worth the money IMO.

    Isn't there anyone you could give the other two games to?
  3. Just download it through torrents its free that way and you only get half life 2 episode 2.
  4. It's illegal. Buy the orange box they have good games in it.
  5. I AGREE!, with UK_GANGSTA and itotallybelieveyou

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