Major Hardware change with XP Help Needed

My computer just cost me $600 in new hardware I had to get a new MOBO, CPU, Power Supply. I went from AMD to Intel so chipset has totally changed.

I figured that XP pro would not like this major hardware change with having to reinstall XP. Problem is I have tons of apps installed along with lots of data that has not been backed up.

What options are there so that my apps will still work after a reinstall and data will not be lost any help would be great.

Thanks in advance

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  1. You shoudn't have to reload anything. Put new m/b drivers in and you will probably have to reauthorize xp-but thats it. I have done same kinds of upgrades and thats all. Try it, go online and if it asks to reauthorize-do it-it is a legal copy, isn't it!
  2. Yes it is a legal copy of XP, I thought there might have been more to it going from AMD chipset to Intel thanks for the help
  3. Didn't mean anything by it, just trying to look at ALL possible causes.
  4. No problem didn't take anything.
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