Games you've completed more than once.

So you've just completed a game, and it's so good you start it up again and run through from scratch.

Any games you've done this with?

For me it's the whole of CoD, CoD:UO and COD2. I played them all back to back over a few days, then did it all again. You get to try some different combat styles this way.

I did the orange box too (except HL2 and TF2), mainly because of the director commentary though, so it only half counts. I had to stop myself from replaying portal for a 4th time though, as I just have to get to the end once I've started. Second time I was really ruthless with the AI though, knocking cameras off and trashing turrets without hesitation. What the computer said after I toasted WCC was believable that time ;)

I guess stuff like KotOR would be good to do this with, as it can be played different ways, except I can't bring myself to be dark side.

[didn't want to add OT stuff to the not completed thread]
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  1. Half-Life
    HL2 & Episode 1
    COD 2
    Splinter Cell
    Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
    Dark Messiah
    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - This one actually has 3 different endings, I tried all of 'em.
    I was playing through Gran Turismo 3 again recently, but I got to the endurance races and didn't feel up to it.

    I pretty much always start each game on the default difficulty (sometimes even easy mode), then second time through crank up the difficulty. With the exception of any new Half-Life game, I just go straight to Hard every time.
  2. I did the second stalker ending from save games, as there's a bit too much walking in that game which gets boring. For the third/open the door ending I didn't have any older saves to keep me from walking back through the game, so I rushed through that one with some help from a dragunov. Rubbish way of doing it, but it's the best ending.
  3. hey enphotic, finishing oblivion twice is a complete massacre of your time (and your life).

    kudos to you for being able to get through (and being able to return to reality hehe)!
  4. I got through every single quest in oblivion twice so far
  5. Half life 1 many times because it's the only game my sister would let me play, if I played Starcraft or any other game she would boot me off (Yeah, I know she's 1/4 my size, but she screams so loud it pierces duct tape).

    Edit, a list

    Half Life
    Goldeneye (N64)
    Homeworld Cataclysm
    Duke Nukem 64
    Killer Instinct I & II (and GOLD, the arcade one lol)
    Diablo/Diablo II/LoD
    Guild Wars (all the chapters except the expansion, too bored to play)
    Halo (Xbox - beat it many times on all the difficulties and i'm still a Halo hater lol)

    I haven't been replaying newer games, been playing mostly multiplayer since 04, from 02 to 04 not really played many games.
  6. I am currently re-starting CoD 4, which I believe to easily be the best of the series. I havent enjoyed a game as much as this one in a long time. I just cant wait till I get my 8800GTS 640mb 65nm refresh so I can turn the rest of the options and res up that I dont have all the way up right now!


  7. Jedi Knight Dark Forces II: 5x
    Mysteries of the Sith: 4x
    Half Life 1: 2x
    System Shock 2: 2x
    Soldier of Fortune Double Helix: 2x
    Far Cry: 4x
    Medal of Honour, various expansions: 2-4x
    Half Life 2: 3x
    HL Episode 1: 2x
    Doom3: 3x

    Desert Combat: not really a game you play "to the finish over again", but I played it almost constantly for what, the 2 years it was awesome, before those d**ks at EA released BF2, noobified the franchise and ruined it. Don't tell me you liked anything after 1942 cause I won't listen, and it only lets us all know you're a noob. God I miss circle of death with the Hind!

    Likely forgetting several in there!

    The Max Payne series...played them several times....
    Deus X: 3x
  8. I'm right there with you, 3Ball. Call of Duty 4 just made the list tonight. It's that good.

    Call of Duty
    Half-Life 2 (PC and Xbox)
    BioShock (PC and 360)
    The Chronicles of Riddick (ditto)
    Resident Evil 4 (GameCube and Wii)
  9. Excluding strategy games which offers lots of replay value, the following is my list of games I've played more than once:

    X-Wing - Alliance
    Privateer II
    X2 - The Return
    Jedi Knight Academy
    Jedi Knight II - Outcast
    Hitman 2
    Doom 3
    Far Cry
    Fallout 2

    Probably some other ones that I can't remember.
  10. Jagged Alliance 2 (7X)
    Jagged Alliance : Unfinished Business (2X)
    jagged Alliance : Wildfire (2X)

    I wonder why they don't make Jagged Alliance 3 :(
  11. 1.Deus Ex- The best single player game of all time. And multiplayer was a hoot..
    2. BF2- The best multiplayerplayer game of all time. I get to shoot people, drive tanks and fly jets and choppers=heaven..yes it has bugs but goddamn i paid €50 for it..and have played over 650 hours on it in two that's value for money.
    3.Far Cry- Loved the game.Half-Life- Great game but not as good as no 1.
    4.Half-Life- Great game but not as good as no 1
    5.Half-Life 2- Good game but way overhyped.
  12. BF2: I've got over 500 hours in one year, all on one server. I miss DC, especially the M109, MLRS and indirect fire (BF2 arty sucks), the better damage system (I used to be a serious tanker, angle the hull to the enemy and the shots would bounce off), and being able to slap single C4 on a tanks rear end without the turret spinning and taking you out. The only reason I've got that much time with BF2 at all is because the players on the server are so much fun to play with (a lot of them are or have been in service, so they play well as a team), and our admin keeps the immature noobs off the server.
  13. oblivion: about 5 times (never finished everything on one character but once you have made a character that has reflect damage 100%, you really need to restart the game)
    KOTOR 1 (i actually played on the xbox) came to me at a time when i had basically nothing to do for ages, by the time i was finished with it, i had played through it at least 10 times (no exaggeration)
    (kotor 2 sucked compared)
    I played through zelda games many times (nowadays most frequently on emulators so it is still a pc game.... sort of :P)
    halo 1, actually (at the time, I was still stuck on goldeneye for the n64, you have no idea how good halo looked then)
    there are probably other games, but i can't remember them.... (the games I do play tend either to be 1 time through, or quasi-obsessive playing)
  14. Games i finish more than once:

    Half-Life 2
    Far Cry
    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

    I play battlefield 2142 all the time is like you finish the game many times, lol
    Currently im playng Bioshock, i havent finish yet, and will be playing Crysis very soon ;-)

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    Graphic Card: GeForce 7950GT
    Motherboard: EVGA 680i SLI
    HDD: Wester Digital Raptor 74Gb 10.000Rpm
    Ram: 2Gb Corsair TwinX XMS2 DDR2 PC2-6400 (800)
    Cooler: Zalman CNPS9700-LED Super Aero Flower
    Sound: Creative Xfi Elite Pro
    PSU: Enermax 600w
    Case: Thermaltake Kandalf
    Monitor: 22" Asus Widescreen

    Have a look at my Blog about games, hardware and computing!
  15. I forgot about Quake 4.
  16. I found that bioshock was one game that, though I loved it while playing it, just didn't compel me to replay it
  17. i dont no how you guys play through a game agian!!, impossible for me its like reading a book agian
  18. Great thread, you guys are bringing back some memories...
    The thief series 1-3
    Kotor 1,2
    Fallout 1,2
    Starcraft (still one of my favorites stories and characters)
    HL 2
    Max Payne 1,2
    Deus Ex 1,2
    C+C pick one (some I did on the playstation )

    Im getting a new comp after Christmas, can't wait to start a new batch of games!!!
  19. I almost never do that but I did with Deus Ex1 and HL2. I will probably do it with STALKER but my current system is just not good enough to play the game as it needs to be played so I postponed that till I've upgraded.

    *edit* Oops, forgot Max Payne (and I must admit in shame that I did not even finish Max Payne 2. Somehow it did not do the same thing to me as the first one).
  20. Half life 1, everything up until you come to the surface for the first time, and the whole 'surface tension' chapter, ...for me cant be beaten by anything.

    Must have redone just about every game i ever bought. Is that unusual? (hence thread?)
  21. Quote:
    Disturbance-you are my hero!
    J/K but I don't know many people who have played JK as much as me!

    can't believe I forgot about JK, we played it at work lol.
  22. Nintendo original

    Super Mario 1, 2, 3
    Nintendo golf
    Star Voyager
    Tecmo Bowl
    Tag Team Wrestling
    Ninja Gaiden

    Computer games:

    SimCity 2000, 3000
    AOE 1, 2 Age of Kings etc.
    RailRoad Tycoon II
    Madden (not every year but several different versions.)
    Doom (original)
    Quake (original)
    Max Payne

    Played alot run once / never again

    HitMan 1, 2
    Doom III
    Dungeon Seige
    Doom II
    Half Life 2
    COD 1
    BF 1942
    Rainbow 6 several versions
    Splinter cell
    In cold blood [really good game tho', but don't really like reruns lol]

    There's a few more that I played never finished couple of them was space games. Just got bored with them.
    Started Neverwinter nights two times now and never have gotten that far either time... gets too boring.

    Still play SimCity, AOE, RailRoad tycoon occasionally. The best part to those games is replayability. Each time you start it up it's always different.
  23. yep..forgo about JK2 and Max Payne..wasn't too impressed with the 2nd one..the bullet time was way better in the first one..
  24. Two "for sure" game series I can think of:

    Gothic and Gothic 2 - have completed every possible faction and profession. That's a lot of hours right there.

    Baldur's Gate - 3 or 4 times. I can't remember if I finished my 4th game. I just love that gameworld; running around the Sword Coast. I might play it again but I think I've seen all there is to see.

    I've replayed a lot of other games but usually I quit before I'm done. HL 2 is a great example. I just can't keep myself playing to finish it a second time.
  25. liswara said:
    Jagged Alliance 2 (7X)
    Jagged Alliance : Unfinished Business (2X)
    jagged Alliance : Wildfire (2X)

    I wonder why they don't make Jagged Alliance 3 :(

  26. doom 3, maybe doen it 3 times, ...I love listening to the audio logs, soo much extra atmosphere in the game then,

    "...this is richard carter, head of maintenance, been hearing alot of srange sounds lately, gonna go check it out later today"

  27. crazyj said:

    I must have it. Somehow this has stayed off my radar and I NEED it!

    Games I have repeated...some of them many many times. Also excluding Fighting games, Shooters, RTSs, and 4X games due to their repeatable natures.

    Jagged Alliance 2
    Deus Ex
    Jade Empire
    Baldur's Gate 2
    Fallout 2
    Diablo II
    Elite II Frontier
    Battletech Crecent Hawk's Inception
    Mechwarrior 2
    Mechwarrior 2 Mercs
    Mechwarrior 4
    Mechwarrior 4 Mercs
    Disgaea 2
    Planescape Torment
    Mech Commander
    Mech Commander 2
    Chrono Trigger
    probably several others that I'm forgetting

    Huh, looking at this list I guess I am a Battletech and Bioware whore.
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