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Problems with system, possibly motherboard related

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November 3, 2002 6:46:34 PM

Before I start in, here's my specs:
Asus P5-A
AMD K6-2 450
256MB of PC 100/133 (2 64MB and one 128MB stick)
Quantum Fireball KA 9.1, 7200RPM
Pioneer slot load CD-ROM
Matrox G200 8MB
Sound Blaster AWE 64
Acer Network card

Yesterday, I was typing a assignment, and got a blue screen in Windows saying I had an error writing to the C: drive. After rebooting, my system failed to pick up my hard drives. After about twenty minutes, it started working again. My system has occasionally done this before, but has never had problems after detecting the hard drive.

I immediatly transfered everything across the network to my Athlon system (which has a CD-R) and tried to diagnose the problem. I also downloaded Powermax, which can test Quantum and Maxtor drives. The Quantum drive pasted the advanced test, which is supposed to mean it's free of errors. I've had trouble with the drive controllers on this system with running multiple hard drives (otherwise I'd be running a 6GB in there as well), so I'm wondering if that's the problem. Anyone know how to check? The problem seems quite irregular in appearence. As for heat and PSU, the ventilation is only a front intake, CPU HSF, and PSU fan, but it gets quite hot running in my house during summer, and it's a lot cooler now. And although the PSU is only an old 250watt, at one point I ran a CD-R and modem in here too, albiet without the fan.

Anyone know how I could test these problems? I personally suspect the mainboard. If so, what should I do? Most of the local vendors charge outrageous prices for older motherboards (a P5-A goes for $140 Canadian used, or about $85US), so what would you recommend I get if I need to replace the board.

P.S.: If you think it's heat, my dad has the tools to make blowholes, and I think I might be about to put a exhaust fan in just behind the CPU...
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November 3, 2002 9:21:54 PM

I've never had problems running multiple drives unless a drive had a problem. Anyway, drives can fail when they get hot.

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November 3, 2002 11:11:42 PM

Seing that you had an ALI chip on your mobo, I suppose that performance is not your greatest concern. tell us a bit about your budjet and expectations.
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November 4, 2002 3:46:38 AM

Crash: Good idea, but I should mention it often fails to detect the disk after being off in a relatively cold room at night.

The K6-2 was a hand down from my dad. It was originally a 300 but was upped to a 450. My dad currently has a Athlon 1200 with a Geforce 2 Pro, which I often can get on during the afternoon and weekends for games. My guess is I could get give me enough money that, when combined with my own money, I could get a XP1800+ with a Radeon 9000 or Geforce 3 TI200, maybe a little higher if I shelled a bit more out of my pocket (I'm a bit of a tightwad). Too bad Canada's computer prices are so much higher than in the US.

My dad usually upgrades every two years anyway, so I could use his next rig for high end games. The only reason he waited so long between the K6-2 and the Athlon was because he wanted DDR.
November 4, 2002 2:31:48 PM

I dont know where in Canada you are but in Montreal, exept for the exchange rate, prices look a lot like the ones in the states!