GH 3 controllers?

Has anyone successfully used a xbox360 guitar with the new gh3? I would like to find out before I go and purchase another guitar.

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  1. yup it works
  2. awesome!

    and what is this about the wireless working too? i don't own a 360 so the whole wireless thing eludes me.
  3. That's a bit confusing on your last question.

    Your original questions asked if an Xbox 360 guitar works with GH3, saying you do not want to purchase another guitar. I'm assuming you mean the guitar from GH2, and yes, as itotallybelieveyou stated, it does work.

    Now you are asking about wireless working too and stating that you do not own a 360. So do you not own a guitar from GH2?

    If you don't own a guitar, then you can get the guitar that comes with GH2 or GH3; though I don't like the one that comes with GH3.

    Also, wireless works with an Xbox 360 elite. Your controllers are wireless. Not sure how it interfaces with the other Xbox models.
  4. Thank you Therlian, I re-read the entire thread and realized I was not asking the right questions. My original question should have been this:

    "Does the GH controller for the xbox360 work with the pc version of GH3 as they are both USB?"

    my follow-up question should have been this:

    "Is there an adapter to allow for the wireless GH controller for the xbox360 to work with the pc version of GH3?"

    I have answered the first question when I bought another xplorer model guitar for the xbox and used it with my wife on the PC. My final question, however, remains unanswered. If someone has some knowledge with regards to the wireless les paul from GH3 for the xbox360, I would appreciate it.

    Thanks, sorry for the confusion!
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