HELP! 360...hp w2207...hdmi-dvi...sound!

okay...i've gone to other forums, i've searched for answers near and far and have come up with NOTHING! Help me Tom's Hardware forums, your my only hope! from what i've read, you guys know your stuff...i hope you can help.

I took the jump to hi def gaming in the cheap way...a 22" hp w2207 lcd monitor. my 360 has the hdmi ports. i got a hdmi to dvi cable and use that to get my picture...but i have no SOUND! i found a used set of component av cables that actually fit when the hdmi was plugged in (my hd component cables were too bulky) and it worked awesome! i was playing games and hearing them. My HDMI and Component input were both in use and working great...then for some reason, i unplugged the component input. and now it wont work again!

now, anytime they are both plugged in, the 360 stops working (but the light stays on) and my monitor says "going to sleep" and i get no audio. microsoft now sells the hdmi cables that comes with a separate audio only input that would be exacly what i need...but i dont want to drop 50 bucks for just the audio thing. i'll get one off ebay or somewhere if i have to, but i wanted to see if theres anyway to get my component input to just work for audio and not video? what if i just cut the yellow cord off?

thanks guys!

also, a few questions you can help with...
my monitor isnt plugged into a computer, can i still calibrate it?
does anyone have good settings for the hp w2207 through a 360?
what is the best resolution i'll get (native is 1680x1050)

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  1. Hi. Before trying to help you, I have a question to ask. :) Does your monitor correctly display the 360 signal? I am asking because I connected my 360 to my W2207 through a VGA cable, and no matter what settings I use on both the console and the screen, the picture is vertically stretched. You can easily check this by looking at round objects in games like speed meters, HUD elements, full moon and the like.

    Back to your problem, I guess you could use a cheap VGA cable similar to mine: they all include RCA audio output (see here for example ). The problem is to avoid the sort of conflict you are experiencing now, that is to make the 360 understand that it must output video to HDMI and audio through the standard A/V. Your experience proves it's both possible and tricky, but after all that's the way the official MS audio adapter works.
    If I had to try, I'd make sure I never connect to my monitor the video end of the cable I use for audio, and maybe connect the HDMI cable first.
  2. i love the monitor...and it says that it has aspect ratio...but every resolution i try, it fills the whole screen or else it leaves bars in the sides instead of the top. it's annoying because its a feature i was counting on and should have for a nice monitor...maybe i'm just doing it wrong. there are a good amount of jaggies in the games...maybe it's normal or maybe it's the monitor...i'm not sure...but it's still better than my old CRT tv.

    i usually use the resolution like 1300x768...something like that. not sure if its the best or not, but it's what i use.

    i think the only answer to my solution is the hdmi/elite audio dongle. i have both component cables (standard and hd with plastic case off so it fits) where they fit at the same time as the hdmi, but my 360 wont read both of them at the same time. anytime they're both plugged in, the component video over rides the hdmi and doesnt work. it sucks, but i'm just going ot have to try and find the elite audio dongle somewhere. i dont want to switch to vga...i want to keep the signal all digital (which i guess doesnt matter too much if it doesnt keep the right ratio anyway. whatever though.
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