What is YOUR favorite motherboard?

Hi, I would like to know what your favorite motherboard is. If I ask generically, I figure I will be able to get the most diverse list of favorites. Thanx
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  1. MSI KT3 Ultra2 motherboard on the AMD athlon side. Albatron PX845PEV PRO on the Intel Northwood side.

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  2. Well for me its a toss up between SOYO and MSI presently SOYO. Ryan

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  3. Shuttle AK31 rev. 3. Fast, stable, somewhat overclockable and cheap. It won't keep up with some of today's newer boards, but in its heydey, it was the best no frills board out there. My opinion of course.
  4. EPOX 8K3A. Stable as. No crash in WIN XP SP1 in 2 weeks without restart now.
  5. Alltime favourite? My Asus P2B-D.

    - JW
  6. The board I am using now-- MSI K7N420 Pro. Stability is undoubtable.

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  7. Anything in the P2b series. I have an P2B and a nP2B-F . Both outperform my CUSL2-C and TUSL2-c on memory benchmarks but my TUSL2-C will do 166FSB no problems. So that is what I'm using now.

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  8. P3B-F was a great board as well.

    What memory do you use in your TUSL2-C? Is it running at 133 or 166? What timing?

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  9. FIC Ad-11 with the old AMD 760 chipset
    It just won't crash!

    Soon enough, Intel will make the i845s...imagine dual channel Sdram...*shudder*
  10. My favorite all-time is my Abit BE6 in my secondary PC. Stable, overclockable and still pretty fast!

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  11. The answer is my Gigabyte GA-8IEXP. It's got everything I need: onboard RAID, IEEE1394, USB2.0, NIC etc. The board is easy to setup due to its jumperless design. No problem with stability also.
  12. Abit KG7-RAID and KX7-333R.

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  13. Crucial 256mb PC 133 CL2. Running @166 3.74v 3/2/2/7/9. I have to run Stuff PCR to enable AGP4X and 4/way interleave on the memory above 140fsb.

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  14. Another vote for P3B-F. CUSL2-C is good too, I'd say the TUSL2-C, but Intel killed off the Tualatin too soon because it 'embarassed' the early Willamette P4's.

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  15. I've never heard of Stuff PCR.

    I go <A HREF="http://www.x86-secret.com/articles/tweak/i815twken.htm" target="_new">this</A> route.

    - JW
  16. Epox 8K3A+. Fast at stock, ever faster overclocked, stable as a superglued brick.

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  17. Thanks I'll give it a try. Don't know how much more I can get out of this thing. Doing 10299 now but I'm down to 4th or 5th on mad onion for P3s now. Maybe this will bring me back up a bit.

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  18. I'm building up a SL6C8 tB1 Celery 1.2 (Q229A358-0411) system that will be dielectric oil submerged/compressor cooled. I'm going to shoot for the magic 2.0 (166FSB) - If I make it I'll reward myself with a 9700pro. The 9700 should overclock like mad as well when submerged in -20C oil. :)

    I've got a line on a 256mb PC166 CL2 module but I don't know if I'll get 512k. It'll just be a non-multitasking gaming rig so it shouldn't matter.

    And yes I know I have too much spare time these days.

    - JW
  19. :smile: <b>ABIT AT7 MAX2</b> :smile:

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  20. The BH6 of my brother is nice.

    Me dream boards (with actual tech)

    Support 32 RIMM
    Support 4I bank RDRAM
    Support Pc 1200 (30 Ns and lower)
    memory core AGP voltage
    1 GB/S South bridge to northbridge
    ICH 5
    Intel AGP 8X
    Fully adjustable PCI AGP RAM adjusting
    big active colling on the nortbridge

    So R658 have all this feature except ICH5 and AGP 8X from intel.

    Now what to do??
  21. Hey M,

    MSI KT3 Ultra ARU- overall

    EPoX 8KHA+ for over clocking

    Shuttle AK31 version 3.1 for best value/budget

    Peace Out................tile

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  22. i love abit stuff like nf7-s.

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