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Just complete building my new PC. I cannot for the life of me get windows 7 to install. First of all the old hard drive which I kept because it was still very new had Windows Vista on it. All i wanted to do was throw the Windows 7 CD in and just reformat it. It would not let me. My choices were upgrade, which i didn't want to do because I want to reformat the drive and start from scratch (also it would not let me because I did not have the latest service pack for Vista), or do a Windows 7 install, but it is keeping old Vista files... I don't understand why it's keeping the old files. Is there a way for me to just reformat my hard drive and get a fresh install of windows 7?
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    Boot the system to he Windows 7 installation DVD. In BIOS set the first boot device to DVD, place the Win 7 installation DVD in the tray save and exit. When prompted to'press any key' to boot to the DVD, do so.
  2. Oh crap, I was just letting Windows continue to load. I guess ill reinstall Windows AGAIN LOL. Thanks again Badge!
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