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I thought this game was going to be absolutely brilliant, however after seeing gameplay videos and finally this review i can say i am quite disappointed. I am going as far as saying that the problems are actually game breakers. Especially the combat with the incredibly dumb enemies who just wait and watch their comrades die one by one.
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  1. The games are really piling up around here but we're hoping to get our review of Assassin's Creed up within the next couple weeks.
  2. I want this! ON PC
  3. I won't judge it based on the console version, I'll wait for the PC version. We've seen console versions to suck incredibly in comparison to their PC counterparts (Mostly on FPS, GRAW2 as the most vivid example that comes to mind, but not the only one)
  4. The silent seems a bit cheap. This game looks nice. Even on consoles. That's right I said it
  5. Evening ladies.

    I heard that AC was great...except that the thousands of potential moves got replaced by two buttons on the PS3 o.O so you cant choose what move you do, it decides for you.

    This being annoying?

    Can anyone shed some light?

    Thanks, since I was/am looking forward to this game.
  6. Nah not really. In a game that uses one button for everything I get used to in about 30 minutes
  7. itotallybelieveyou said:
    I want this! ON PC

    Exactly. I'm going to build an entirely new gaming machine just for it in 08.
  8. Feb sometime 2008. They better have more or better content
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