Asus P2B reporting odd memory values

Howdy y'all - anyonce help a country dude figure out why his Asus P2B with 3 256MB sticks of PC133 ram are not being read correctly. AGP video is Matrox G200, OS is XP Pro.
BIOS shows that I only have 448 MB intalled. Switching the order of the DIMMS in the slot even shows different numbers... AIDA32, a diagnostic program shows the actual memory present but Norton System works says there is an error in memory module 1. The BIOS is the latest version.
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  1. 1. You could have bad memory.

    2. You could have shared memory with onboard/integrated video card?

    when you see smoke is that a good sign?
  2. It sounds like you have a bad module. Also, for your board to support 256MB, the module has to have 16-chips, due to a density limit.

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