Is GTA 4 coming out for PC?

There's all this talk around Feb 08 for GTA 4 being released for the consoles but does anyone know if it's being developed for the PC?

I enjoyed one of the greatest games ever in it's previous incarnations so badly need it for the PC.
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  1. Nothing yet on a PC release... if one happens, it will almost certainly be several months after the console versions, just like GTA3, Vice City, and San Andreas were.
  2. It will come out they will loose to much money if they dont release it, if they dont then they will have pwned themselves in that regard.
  3. yes just not until 2010 or sometime after
  4. Unforunately last time there was reason for a delay in between releases as sony had an exclusive deal with rockstar but now both xbox 360 and PS3 are getting simulataneous releases, there's no reason for the pc not to get it as well, as the exclusive rights are no longer relevant and most development happens on a pc anyway.
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