Crysis reviews!!

Hello all,

Just thought I'd post a couple links in case anyone hadn't seen them yet. Looks to be living up to the hype!


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  1. heh thats nice, reviews mean it's living up to the hype huh? How about you pay me money and see if I write good things about you?
  2. i wont trust any reviews off gamespot, I've had bad experiences before :fou:
  3. pc gamer gave it a 98% (don't really trust em either, look at their hellgate score compared to almost anyone else lol), which ties alpha centauri and hl2 and some other game I think, so it's gotta be good! (5--6 more hours till I play it, frakin work, I'd take the day off, but i'd miss our quake3 games).
  4. Even if you dont trust a particular site because of 1 weird review wich will happen at any site eventually, when they all seem to agree then you can be pretty sure the game is good enough. In this case tho even if they all said it was average id still buy it because I totally loved the demo and I expect more of the same in the full game.

    PS: Im puzzled PCgamer gave Hellgate 89% too wtf.
  5. It was a rush to get it out probably, they've done it with other games before and apoligized for one, black & white (they weren't the only ones).
  6. Multiplayer is a blast (when you're not getting tk'd for your gun in the beta), enemy driving a pickup/jeep full speed at you, activate max strenght and jump over him and watch him ram something else is great. Even the buildings have multiple entrances (break glass on the roof, go through a small vent, don't ever think your safe with the doors closed lol, I will be there on top, like BATMAN!).
  7. Why not trust gamespot? It's the best one out of all.
  8. itotallybelieveyou said:
    Why not trust gamespot? It's the best one out of all.

    Because they are insanely biased and don't do justice to the games they review. Examples? Halo 3 = 9.5 (What's up with THAT?!) while other shooters (Most recently Clive Barker's Jericho) don't even get a 7? Seriously... Oh and also what's up with rating INFERIOR console versions way better than PC versions? GRAW2 is a prime example getting on X360/PS3 8.7 while the PC Version barely lands a 7.0, however the console versions are pretty much a joke to Ghost recon games (Basically run-and-gun), while the PC Version stays true to the tactical shooter genre and is actually CHALLENGING... God forbid they rate a challenging game with a high score... So for me it's a big no-no trusting their half baked reviews.

    I know that crysis will be good, and I don't need a review to tell me that, I didn't need it for Jericho or GRAW games, and I won't need them for any of the upcoming games I'm getting this season.
  9. I trust this score more than anything else since it takes all many reviews (builds more as they come over time) and averages the scores.

    I visit this site daily for that "review" site imo.


  10. My review, Best game ever. Bad ending but the game was unreal.
  11. I agree! I hate to do this but I enjoyed playing Crysis as much as I did when I first played Halo 1 on the Xbox...something I haven't enjoyed as much in a long time.

    I feel they could have done so much more as far as the storyline goes but it definitely holds its ground! The ending's kind%u2019 of bad but I don't know of any game that ended with a great finale since the hold Nintendo's Mario Bros! lol.

    I love how you do lots of different stuff throughout the game as it keeps you on your toes...and not the same repetitive BS you see in other similar games.

    Great work Crytek!

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