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I just bought the game The Witcher. Great game once you get the hang of it...I am having trouble beating the "Beast". I have not found any guides that could help me pass this boss. If anyone has beat him please let me know what I may be doing wrong. Maybe I missed something... Thank you :fou:
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  1. Alchemy is a beautiful thing - Buff yourself with whatever pots you can get your hands on. Swallow (health Regen) helps a lot. Blizzard is amazing, but I don't remember if you have it at that point in the game yet. Don't be afraid to throw your knockback spell (Aard) when it's up. Just to get them off you a moment. If you have it, you can also burn them with the fire spell. Use the Strong fignting style when it's just you and him, but switch to Group when he summons his minions. It's important to drop them as well as the boss since the damage they do to you adds up. And if you miss chaining your attacks, DODGE IMMEDIATELY by pressing a or d twice. When you mess up the chain, your enemies will go on the offensive and pound you until you can get back on the attack. So Dodge if you can to break their attacks.

    Also - If you can keep Shani up, she'll heal you if you drop real low.

    Now.... What to do with those pesky villagers....
  2. I want to get it!
  3. Ok, I will try that when I get home. I have taken a couple days off because I was so frusterated!!!! I could not beat that part. Should I focus on the green hounds? Say by using group attack? Worry about the beast after?
  4. You have to bring down the boss. Just that when he summons his minions you need to switch from Strong style to Group style. With Group style you'll hit The Beast as well as his buddies. Strong style, you'll only hit what you clicked on.

    Heh - If you think this one's hard.... Just wait until......... <spoiler removed>

    Scott /whistle
  5. I tried it last night...after the 5th time I had to put it down LOL! I guess it sucks because when you die you have to go through a long load screen then that cut scene again.

    When I would pull a combo off it would go smoothly but it seems that everything around me still gets shots off of me. As for the witch...well, she dies in a matter of seconds!
  6. Mad_Cow20 said:
    I just bought the game The Witcher. Great game once you get the hang of it...I am having trouble beating the "Beast". I have not found any guides that could help me pass this boss. If anyone has beat him please let me know what I may be doing wrong. Maybe I missed something... Thank you :fou:

    the beast, i take it your talking about the first big boss with the hell hounds, first thing, take out the hell hounds, run away if the beast gets to close, and then do that one at a time.

    i got it on the first try but i also power leveled alittle too.
    but the knock back spell is freakin awesome when you get it to higher levels.
    dont forget to take a swallow before battle, helps alot.
    good luck, it only gets harder from here.
    im about 15hrs ahead of you, gets good. enjoy.

    oh and also use the quick attack method
  7. Wow I love this game! This is what I had hoped oblivion would be. Yeah there is a more limited amount of freedom, but the freedom in oblivion comes at great cost to atmosphere and intensity, in my opinion.
  8. The easy way I found is to use the Aard spell and it freezes the beast and one shot its dead. This worked for me, it took me a while as I more of a slash with sword player. If you kill all 3(Ithink barqhests that the beast calls up at once the beast regains health), so do not kill all 3 if possible. A great walkthrough can be found at
  9. yeah, just got there tonight, having trouble. The only small quibble i have with this game is the level design, which tends to be a bit clunky, but really isn't a big deal. Please people, buy this game to encourage developers to make more like it!!
  10. Buddy of mine wants to try this out, but doesn't know how well his system will run it.

    It's an E2160 with 2GB of PC2-5300 and an MSI 8600GT 256MB graphics card. He got it from Best Buy, then I lent him the card I was using prior to getting my 8800GT. Obviously, the system is well above the minimum reqs for the game, but the recommended settings are again well above what he has, and, at least 'stock-CPU-wise', better than what I do.

    He has a 17" widescreen w/ 1440x900 native resolution and would prefer to stay at that resolution for the game as well. Any thoughts on what sort of settings/framerates he can expect?

    Also: I've been pondering this myself. AMD 5200+ OCed to about 3GHz, with 2GB PC2-6400 at 5-5-5-12 and an 8800GT @ 650/950. I should be able to pull it along at pretty decent settings right?

    8600GT system is Vista 32 so could use either Dx9 or Dx10, whichever would provide the better gameplay experience (if it even supports DX10, I don't care since I don't have vista, so didn't check)

    8800GT is XP home, so DX9 only.

    For reference:
    Minimum requirements
    WinXP SP2 / Vista
    Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz or AMD Athlon 64 +2800
    1 GB RAM (WinXP) / 1536 MB (Vista)
    128 MB Video RAM w/ DX9 Vertex Shader/ Pixel Shader 2.0 support (NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon 9800 or better)
    8.5 GB hard drive space

    Recommended requirements

    WinXP SP2 / Vista
    Intel Core 2 Duo 2.13 GHz or AMD X2 5600+
    2 GB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTX or ATI Radeon X1950 PRO
    8.5 GB hard drive space[1]
  11. You and your friend should be OK on Medium settings
  12. yes this game is no crysis. it runs pretty well on a wide range of systems. it actually looks really good artistically. the graphics aren't cutting edge, but they are used to great effect to created immersive, believable environments
  13. I havent made it there yet :(
    This is a great discussion. I noticed the specs part and wanted to add my 2 bitts..
    I keep my PC quite clean and defragged and try not too miss a beat ;) . I have an ASUS a8nSLI deluxe with 1.5 gigs O ram. Arg I hate to say I'm sportin a 3500+ AMD o/c at 2.3. For less than 100 Canadian(at par with US bucks) I threw in a 7300 NVidea card. I can play smooth at medium..Much more than I anticipated.
    The game is good, I find myself going back to it more and more. I wish the load times were better. entering a house can be a little annoying if there is nothing, because of load times.
    I hope this forum starter passes his point in game and I dont get stuck there! Thanks for the tips(in advance)
    Im also hopin this game can cure me of my Final Fantasy days. lets not go there :)
    BTW, does anyone know of a good FF clone for PC? Current?
    thanks. I'll be following this discussion....Good luck playing Witcher :)
  14. I finished this game about a month ago and liked it. But there are definitely issues with the game.

    System resource wise, it's a moderate title. It's based on the Aurora engine, the same used for Neverwinter Nights (the original, not NWN2 which is a resource hog), which is several years old. They've made significant enhancements to the base engine however. Using Vista 64 bit, I had occasional crashes when playing the game in SLI mode. Eventually I reverted to using a single GPU (8800 GTX, 3Ghz C2D) and the game ran effectively at 1900x1200 with all details on max. There was a bit of stuttering when entering environments with a lot of NPCs, but overall I found it to be a visually attractive play setup.

    As many people have remarked, the strength of this title is its overall atmosphere. As good as Oblivion, and really better IMO. The weaknesses of the title however are evident as you get to the end of the game. This is an action RPG, like Oblivion. And like Oblivion, once you personally master the timing of the combat system (this should occur once you are done with about 1/4 of the game), all the combat feels the same. Even worse, in Witcher, it may literally BE the same. For example the monsters you face at the 2nd to last level of the game are identical to the monsters you faced on the 2nd level of the game. This was bad enough in Oblivion, but at least there the recycled monsters had more HP. In Witcher they don't even have that. They are identically the same mobs. Frankly, there's something simply lacking in PROGRESSION in an RPG if you are fighting the same mobs at the end of the game that you were at the beginning. In an RPG, progression, or progress ought to be tangible.

    Still, it's a fun action title, with a unique spin that makes it seem like a breath of fresh air compared to your standard RPG orc bashing. Do take note of the fact that they've issued a new patch this week that supposedly decreases load times.
  15. yes, the environments are significantly more atmospheric than they were in oblivion. This is much more my type of game. Where oblivion went for quantity and open-endedness, the witcher goes for detail and atmosphere. In fact, that was what was most disappointing about oblivion to me; the fact that most of the cities/quests/characters were very generic.

    and from personal experience, the patch released a few days ago cuts loading and saving times in half at least!!
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