Crysis Sandbox installation issues

I've been wanting to try the level editor for Crysis, Sandbox, but every time I try to install, I get the error 1303 that states, "the installer has insufficient priveleges to access this directory. the installation cannot continue. please log on as an administrator or contact your system administrator."
The problem is, I AM the administrator. I'm running vista, and theres never a prompt. What settings would I have to change to allow this to install?
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  1. Vista strikes again. It's the Vista
  2. Do you know how to turn off the turner-offer? Would EDB be involved?
  3. I know you might have already tried this, but did you try to right clik on the launch icon and selecting run as administrator. Hope this helps, if not, try in compatibility mode??
  4. According to the Mac vs PC commercial "I can turn him off but then he won't tell me anything" so I'm assuming there is a way to turn it off
  5. Just leave Vista mate!!Vista still causes to much trouble, leave Vista for another year!
    But if you like Vista looks, you can use this. Is a theme that changes completly windows XP to look like Vista, even changes all the icons and all the sounds!!!!Very good

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