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I am looking to upgrade my brothers computer from a 3.4 ghz pentium D and ECS 945 motherboard to something new.

I am looking for any Intel Pentium Dual Core E2180 all the way up to an E5200! I am also interested in any E6XXX older Series Core 2 Duo. Also, I would be willing to buy an AMD 64 Athlon X2 dual core Chip New or Used. I would like an X2 4200+ or greater. I would be interested in just the chip and a decent motherboard if you have one.

Also, if anyone has an Intel motherboard with a 650i or 680i chipset PM me. I am very interested in one of these.

Basically I am interested in any intel Pentium dual core up through the E5200, older Core 2 Duo E6XXX, a decent AMD X2 Dual core and a motherboard that would fit one of these guys. I am interested in new or used hardware so post away or pm me.

Thanks :bounce:
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  1. I have an Asus Crosshair AM2 SLI motherboard and an AMD X2 5200+ cpu. PM me and we can discuss pricing, or simply make me an offer.
  2. were you just wanting to get a new processor?

    Dont get a 2180... i really doubt you'd see any performance gain over a 3.4 pentium D.

    I would suggest the e7200 being the bare minimum for a processor upgrade if you're going with intel. Could also get an AMD 6000+ for under $100

    Do you have a budget? are you going to use the same memory ?
  3. Crosshair and 5200+ is SOLD.
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