ASUSA7V8X - PC switches itself off

I am installing a new A7V8X motherboard. I am using Transcend DDR 333 memory CAS 2.5, Athlon XP 188+

The PC boots up, and I can enter the BIOS setttings. But after maybe 10 seconds, with or without making any changes, the PC switches itself off. I have tried many times, even booting without going into the BIOS, and each time the PC switches itself off after 10-15 seconds.

Any suggestions?
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  1. Hard to tell with limited information. The first thing that occurs is that it might be a safety shutdown caused by the CPU overheating. Have you checked your HSF is properly mounted?

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  2. Cheers, your suggestion was spot on.

    I rechecked the processsor fan, and it was not properly seated. After reseating, it now runs OK.

    Now for the fun bit, installing Windows XP!

    Thanks for that
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