Wonderful glut of great new games

After what seems like a years long dry spell PC (mostly FPS) games have come back in a big way. Got too many to play and more in the mail! Just look at this luscious list of lavish PC games that have come out recently:

Crysis (in the mail)
Gears Of War (for PC)
World in Conflict (RTS sort of)
BioShock (wonderful surprise)
Call Of Duty 4
Orange/Black Box/Portal

Clive Barker's Jericho

Halo 3 (for 360)

I can't decide between finishing HL2ep2, WIC, COD4, Gears, Jericho, or Stranglehold (finished Portal, BioShock and ep1 already). I'm going to go out on a limb and say that there has NEVER been a better selection of new FPS PC games than right now. Has there?
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  1. I have each game you listed, and the only one I regret getting was World In Conflict... I'm not a big strat fan, but this game really turned me off...

    If you liked Max Payne, then you'll LOVE Stranglehold -- the environments and graphics were great, but the game was too short.

    It's a great time to be a first person shooter fan :) Bioshock is the game of the year (IMO) and COD4, Crysis and Gears are all top notch titles.

    Too many to play! I don't think I've left my house in 3 weeks :)
  2. YEAH, I gotta say, thanks to these games for sending me to the poor house lol.
  3. For somereason, people think that Jericho is really bad! I bought it beacuse i ran out of things to play, and it turns out, I love it! The storyline is very confusing, but it is a great storyline. There is a lot of things poor about it, noticably, but for somereason I keep playing it...lol. I will make another discussion on this...
  4. I have to say, I really think us gamers are treated to a great competitive gaming market. Technological advances are constantly being made and new games are churning out steadily so everyone can find a niche in gaming.
  5. Cant forget Company of hero's now. i am very picky when it comes to rts games but this game i love. and i love opposing fronts. i love the tanks with the 88mm on them. when they fire i get chill's down my back. lol because it sounds so real. the gameplay is also awesome. i got company of hero's then bought opposing front's. and found out i dont need the company of hero cd. lol i was thinking of getting world in conflit but i dont know. and if i miss spelled sorry. i am tired. after working 16 hours. if i find other real good rts game like comapny of hero's i am quitting wow. i am so getting board with it. having a 2500 computer run a game that does not take that much of my computer. and i got to pick up call of duty 4. i am trying to buy 1 game a month not 1 every week lol. is the new hl2 any good?
  6. UT3 for me. Should be here tomorrow.
  7. COD4 was an excellent game (and still is for me - online play ROCKS!) The single player mode is fantastic, always remaining dynamic and never getting stale and repetitive.

    Crysis single player is pretty fun, but multiplayer kinda turned me off...

    Orange Box is also awesome! Portal is so much fun and the ending levels are also treats. HL2 Ep. 2 engine revamp (lightning and shadows) are some of the best I've ever seen. This made the whole experience so much better.

    Going to pick up BioShock this Friday... only 29.99 (down from 49.99) :O
  8. killz86 said:
    i love the tanks with the 88mm on them.

    I really like the King Tiger tanks those things are beasts, In one of the british missions on opposing fronts one of them destroyed about 4 or 5 of my tanks before I finally took it out :ouch:
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