Dragon Age? Am I the only one waiting!?

Ok, so I'll first acknowledge that a whole lot of really great games have JUST come out, including, but not limited to: Crysis, Bioshock, Mass Effect, COD4, Gears of War, TF2, etc. At heart however, I'm an RPG fan. I have been waiting for what seems like eternity for the Dragon Age (the spiritual and 3D continuation of Baldur's Gate 2) game by Bioware (recently acquired by EA, as is the fate of most gaming companies these days).

It's also bad because I've been postponing my system upgrade until the general specs are released for what sort of requirements that game will carry. So at the moment, I can hardly run any games for PC decently. I can only hope that with the release of Mass Effect and the coming of the new year that I'll get some idea of what can be expected for Dragon Age, that way I'll have a bundle of games to hold me off until it's release. Ok, just random musings by a sligtly distraught forumite. :fou:
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  1. I am in the EXACT. SAME. boat as you. I have been waiting forever, we seem to be getting less info as time goes on instead of more, and because of the wait, I'm now running with a PC that can only decently play WoW. This is the same system that I ran EQ on before college, which means its over 5 years old with nigh no upgrades. Anyway, my next PC will be built when (A) DA comes out. Or (B) When Vanguard SOH is made into a good, coherent game. This leaves an inevitable 3rd option of (C) Never.
  2. Bioware has given me enough good gameplay, that I'll look at it when it comes out.

    However, there are way to many good games out right now for me to be "waiting".

    I'm currently trying out "The Witcher". more porntastic than I was expecting. Also, heavily taxes your IO. Not for old systems.
  3. Yes, "The Witcher" is quite good. Unfortunetly, at times I was unsure of whether I was playing the The Witcher or Lesiure suit larry.

    I heard about dragon age, got really excited, and then forgot about it. Thanks for mentioning it, now I won't be able to think of anything but until it is released.
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