I lost my starcraft cd and can't log on to battle.net please help

please, i lost my cd for starcraft while i was moving to my mom's house from my dad's. that wouldnt be so bad if she didnt live in the middle of nowhere. i have found nowhere within at least 50 miles that carries it and she refuses to use cards so i cant buy it online. could someone please please please give me their old cd key that doesnt use battle.net services anymore? i really want to play it again and if someone out there doesnt use it anymore could i please have it? thanks

btw my email is drfrozenfire@msn.com

thanks again
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  1. nocd crack
  2. I suppose you've un-installed it and want to re-install it again.
  3. the no-cd crack does not work on b-net...
  4. Sorry, but it seems you'll need to buy another copy of SC if you wanna play on b-net.

    You can usually find it online for $10.

    The "Battle Chest" version should be no more than $20.
  5. i know where i can get it but there is no way my mom would do that. the no cd crack i tried doesnt work for the battle.net services. if any of you dont use your account could i have/borrow your cd key?
  6. get a job, you dead beat.
    (or learn to steal things properly like the rest of us.)
  7. iso? ... daemon tool ftw?
  8. No cards? Heard of a chequebook and paypal?
  9. dickcheese666 said:
    get a job, you dead beat.
    (or learn to steal things properly like the rest of us.)

    You may know how to steal things properly but you definitely lack in the sensible posting department. That was a more than one year old message you replied to.

    Please people, there seem to be problem with the ordering of topics in the forums, please check the dates on posts before replying, especially the smart alec type of replies...
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