Which Motherboard 4 Dell 8200 Dimension?

Anyone know what motherboard is compatible with Dell's 8200 Dimension 1.7ghz Computer?
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  1. According to <A HREF="http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,3973,485223,00.asp" target="_new">Extremetech</A> it won't take a standard ATX motherboard.

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  2. very vague post....first of all I doubt too many people that review these posts buy from dell and second of all noone is going to know the contents of the computer by just giving the dell series number......if you are just wanting to replace the motherboard then tell us what kind of memory support you will need.....what kind of features are you looking for in the mobo?...and for what reasons are you upgrading or trading out boards?.....there are probably many boards that are compatible if you have an atx case and psu......the only real limitations of what board you can upgrade to is memory support and what you need it for...so fill us in...=]
  3. The custom Intel motherboard in this case is slightly different from Intel's retail Motherboards. Can't replace this motherboard with a non-Dell board.

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  4. thanks for the link (i just saw it after I hit continue)...holy crap 3000 bones lol =].....since it wont take an atx board then im not very sure what the best would be for you or what is even available....if I were you...and you do have some very nice high quality components there in that system, I would upgrade the case and psu so that it will take the atx boards...then your options are wide open.....that really sucks your system didnt come with pc1066 for the 850e chipset ...for cases I recommend an antec sx840...very sweet case with a 400w psu and will run you about a hundred bones off of pricewatch...
  5. Sorry for being so vague. Since Dell isn't honoring their warranty I've decided to just replace the motherboard myself. I'm told they use an ASUS motherboard but not sure which one.
    If you need certain specs let me know.
    I'll find out and I'll post them here.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I'm just trying to make the best of a bad situation. Thanks!
  6. Quote:
    I'm told they use an ASUS motherboard but not sure which one.

    Who told you this?

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  7. How did I hear it was ASUS? Dell has tech support staff crusing the public forums so I posted a request. But he couldn't be specific, so I'm not sure how reliable that source was. I did receive a private email though: Here's what it said:

    "Unfortunately as pointed out all of Dell's systems have proprietary hardware. It just won't work right without the proper parts. While some things can be upgraded, I don't believe the motherboard can. It's built to fit the case specificly."

    Not very encouraging, huh?

    btw, I use my computer for graphics and webdesign.

    Why change the motherboard? I had complained to Dell that my processor was running at 100% for long periods everyday since the computer arrived and at times it couldn't read from the hard drive when it could a moment before. After 3 months of my calling several times a week [each call took 3-5 hours to get to the correct tech support dept!] they finally agreed to replace the hard drive but the problem consisted.

    One day Dell's tech support told me the motherboard was bad and then the tech hung up on me!! Just like that! Poof!

    The next time I got through to tech support I got disconnected when the Dell tech went to get permission from his supervisor to replace the motherboard. But at least he was kind enough to have logged the session, so now I had something documented.

    I've been patiently trying to deal with them for a year, but nothing has been resolved. Even when I shared proof with a tech supervisor that my brand new computer was really 'refurbished' and Dell knew it had problems before it left their premises, the supervisor immediately offered me two options:
    1. replace every part in the computer {w/ refurbished parts!}
    2. replace the system {w/ a refurbished system}

    I told him I already had a refurbished system and didn't want another one. Do you think I should have been more bending?

    I even filed a complaint with the Texas BBB, but Dell ignored all the issues and only addressed the bad hard drive. I really feel trapped and had hoped I could make the best of a bad situation by rebuilding the computer with good parts.

    Even though I purchased a 3yr NextBusiness Day Parts & labor On-Site Warranty, [which in reality doesn't exist!} the thought of having to go through what I've already gone through with them makes me shudder.

    I can't afford a new computer, but I respect the opinion of everyone at Tom's.

    Do you think its possible to rebuild this computer with good parts? Do you think I'd be throwing good money after bad?
    I'd appreciate any feedback and look forward to hearing what you think
  8. I would replace the case, power supply and motherboard. That would essentially free you from Dell. Currently you have 184-pin Dual-Channel RDRAM memory. This is good news as this memory is very good and compatible in a motherboard that I would recommend. There are some cheaper motherboards out there that use this sort of memory but the only one I would recommend is the <A HREF="http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduct.asp?submit=manufactory&catalog=280&manufactory=1314&DEPA=1&sortby=14&order=1" target="_new">Gigabyte 8IHXP2 motherboard</A>. Cheaper cases but I would only recommend the <A HREF="http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduct.asp?submit=manufactory&catalog=7&manufactory=1516&DEPA=1&sortby=14&order=1" target="_new">Antec Performance Plus case with 330W power supply (Metalic Gray Color!)</A>.

    Final Recommendation
    Gigabyte 8IHXP2 motherboard Model#: GA-8IHXP2
    Antec case with 330W power supply Model# PLUS660AMG

    So you're buying two two things: Motherboard and Case with 330W power suppply included. All purchasable from NewEgg.com. Resuse everything from your old computer except for the motherboard and case/power-supply. But if your current computer doesn't have a detachable graphics card (that is to say, onboard graphics), then purchase the <A HREF="http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduct.asp?submit=manufactory&catalog=48&manufactory=1561&DEPA=1&sortby=14&order=1" target="_new">ATI 8500 64MB Graphics Card (not the LE version) Model#: Radeon 8500 64 (275)</A>. Cheers!

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  9. good suggestions...antec make very good cases and they are relatively cheap on pricewatch but I would suggest the sx840 version with the 400w power supply....like the guy said before case and mobo will prob run you around 200 bones total and you will be set...
  10. One of my friends just bought a black Inwin case and 350W power supply from Newegg for under $50. It's a great case, decent power supply (more than enough for your needs). I suggest you get a similar case (something with a brand name power supply for around $50) and a new motherboard.

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  11. if the mainboard can be install you towercase it will be good use on dell
  12. Ugh! :(
  13. Here's this for ya so you understand it better. Found it while browsing the net. "If you have a fairly new Dell system, for example, you may not be able to upgrade the motherboard, although a CPU update may be possible. Many Dell systems have proprietary power connectors or motherboard layouts that preclude dropping in a replacement motherboard. The same may be true for some Compaq systems. Note that these systems will accept new graphics boards, hard drives, and other peripherals. Generally, most other tower-based PCs follow the ATX format and will allow motherboard swaps." Since it sounds like you have a proprietary motherboard it's highly likely you have a proprietary case. So yea unless Dell honors the warranty and sends ya a replacement you're looking at replacing your case, power supply, and motherboard. Recalling dell's product line numbers I think your 8200 has an agp graphics card. So you might not have to replace that. So if you replace the mb, case, and psu you're in the range of $150(US) and putting it all together. Good luck figuring out if Dell and the warranty even though I feel sorry for you since it's Dell I hear the most not honoring the warranty war stories. Well hope I helped.

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  14. I thought I was buying from a reputable business when I purchased from Dell. Little did I know. :(

    okay, so it's decided I need to replace the case, mother board and power supply, right?
  15. Well these are you options, 1) Hassle Dell to honor the warranty(I don't know the details of how long and how much you paid for the warranty) If you want to pursue that as a 1st option it's entirely up to you. 2) Replace the proprietary components that dell has on that system and put your normal components in the replacement. Since you're already replacing the motherboard that's 1, since dell uses a goofy powersupply that WILL fry you're new motherboard and whatever else it gets too if you plug the dell power supply to it. So that's #2 component. Then you have the case which I would bet wouldn't hold a normal ATX board which is what you're gonna get if you get a new one so that's #3. That isolates the propreitary Dell crap. This leaves you with the stuff that's in the dell that you can salvage and put in your "new" box. You have to figure if you have an stand alone graphics card that you can plug in to an AGP slot. 8200 Dell's I think have an NVIDIA Gforce 3 of some kind but I'm not postive so check it out on the inside. If for some reason it's intergrated on the motherboard you have to find another graphics source. From there check out what you can pull out card wise ie sound, ethernet, modem. If those components are integrated you'll have to get cards too. A suggestion for your future posts, if you're asking a question about your system please provide detailed specs. It's hard to say what you all can and can't move to the new motherboard without knowing what you got in there. Take a look at Dell's webpage they SHOULD have your sys specs or go to your system info and use that. That's it for now kiddies. If you aren't sure just post it up see what I can do.

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  16. Quote:
    okay, so it's decided I need to replace the case, mother board and power supply, right?

    Yes. Now you are free from Dell's restrictive measures.

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  17. Not quite free yet if your operating system is loaded on a restore disk. You may have to acquire an operating system also. Ryan

    Details, Details, Its all in the Details, If you need help, Don't leave out the Details.
  18. sorry about not posting the specs! I was so upset with Dell I wasn't thinking straight.
    Here is the system information on my computer.. If you need any other info. just yell! :)
    again, Thanks for your help. it is greatly appreciated.

    Pentium 4 1700 mhz
    60 Mb HD
    768 RDDram
    Display: 64mb DDR GeForce3 {Dell}
    CDRom NEC NR 7800A
    IDE ATA {ATAPI Contollers Intel {R} 8280 IBA Ultra ATA
    Generic USB Hub
    Network Card: Cnet Pro 200WL PCI Fast Ethernet Adaptor
    Modem: Conexant HCF v90 56K Data Fax PCI
  19. Yup from your specs it looks like all ya need is the motherboard, case and power supply replaced. As Ryan stated you may have to get an OS too. Dell most likely has it on restore disks and you won't be able to restore it. Since you're buying hardware you can buy and OEM install disk from whereever you buy the hardware. It's cheaper than a full. Most people would recommend buying from <A HREF="http://www.newegg.com " target="_new">http://www.newegg.com </A>(myself included) or goin on <A HREF="http://www.pricewatch.com " target="_new">http://www.pricewatch.com </A> to find the parts, although I haven't bought anything that route yet. I'm not sure what local shops are in Texas but you can look around and see how reputable they are. I assume that's where you live from your previous posts. Research some intel boards that'll work with your system here at Tom's and other places cuz it's hard to match a board with what you need you can do that the best. That goes for case and psu too. If you have researched and come across a couple that you like and are unsure go ahead and ask. You'll usually get opinions on them in here.

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  20. Does it make a difference that I'm on the east coast, just below the Mason-Dixon line?
    btw, thanks for the vote of confidence.. but, I know more about software then hardware.
  21. After reading some of the replies to your post it confirmed what I had previously heard that Dell and other major computer manufacturers, computers are difficult to upgrade and repair. Also, I originaly thought that Dell computers where competitively priced until I compared my own custom computer build cost which was cheaper and had the components that I wanted. Custom to order computers are the way to go.

  22. Makes no difference where you are other than what local computer parts dealers are around. Newegg is a web vendor and Pricewatch links to web vendors. From what I've read in Tom's and what a previous post recommendeded is that the <A HREF="http://www.newegg.com/app/viewproduct.asp?DEPA=&submit=Go&description=Gigabyte+GA-8IHXP2" target="_new">Gigabyte GA-8IHXP2 </A>is a good motherboard. The link points you to Newegg and it's $159 plus $5 shipping. The person that recommended that board also recommended that Antec case. Just for kicks I looked at Newegg for it. Uhhh, I know you aren't to happy with refurb's but just to let you know, they have that <A HREF="http://www.newegg.com/app/viewproduct.asp?DEPA=&submit=Go&description=ANTEC+PERFORMANCE" target="_new">case offered as a refurb </A>for $59 that's 40 off reg price. Newegg is reputable so I don't think they'd hose ya on a refurb. If you really want call up the customer service and ask about it. That case comes with an antec power supply one of the best power supplies available. This is what the info about the product says at newegg, "The pictures shown are from the NEW version of this item. If you purchase this refurbished product you will receive an OEM BAREBONE, meaning it is just the item itself. Accessory items are NOT INCLUDED with refurbished products. Accessories are shown in the pictures so that customers will know what is missing from the item." So it sounds to me like you're alright, you just get the accesories although I'm not quite sure what that is with this case. If you go this route the board + case w/power supply =$ 237.00 with shipping compared to 277 if you went full price case. You can find other $50 cases but they usually come with a crappy cheap power supply and some can have a weird design. Anyway it's your call. Also, if you want to purchase an OEM operating system you'll to have to buy it with this. Look at Newegg's site at the prices on the software for the OS you want. Alternately you can go to a local computer parts vendor and see what they have to offer. You might get a small selection though and finding em can be a pain. If it was me, I'd just call newegg and ask em about the case and how exactly the case is "refurbished" for all we know it could be just a return. If newegg says its nothing major I'd just buy that case for that cheap cuz it's a damn good deal. That gigabyte board is up to par in cost with RIMM boards and ordering from newegg although online isn't that bad a setup. They are very reputable and pretty much everyone in here loves there service. If you got anymore questions you know what to do.

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  23. sorry for delay in responding; had family crisis to deal with. but, will definitely check into this. Thx Jimmyswimmm for the feedback.
  24. I totally agree custom built is the way to go!

    I was persuaded by Dell's "OLD" reputation for excellent customer relations & their warranty. It was too late when I found out their "nextBusiness Day onSite Parts & labor" warranty [which I paid extra for] is really a "When & If we are good and ready" warranty. Never again!!
  25. By the way, Dell gets there motherboards from Intel, it's HP that uses Asus motherboards. Until about 2 years ago you could get Dells in an ATX case, but the power supply was still different. Now they make the boards in a completely odd form factor so that they can't be converted over.

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  26. If you're going to start with a new case and mobo as suggested and cannabalize the rest of the parts from your Dell you should be OK. Just realize this, along with proprietary parts Dell systems have proprietary wiring. If you try to replace a mobo or power supply in a Dell system with other than Dell parts you're going to run into problems. Big problems. You can check out Dell's user forum <A HREF="http://forums.us.dell.com/supportforums/" target="_new"> here</A>. The user forums are much more helpful than Dell support. Any questions you have about upgrading or replacing parts have been asked there already. Check it out and remember, you can replace HDD's, PCI cards, video cards etc. but don't try to replace any hard wired parts in your Dell with anything but Dell parts. You'll fry your machine if you do.
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