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I just found out that your account and it's rank is stored locally on your machine.

I'm about to reformat today and I was wondering what I need to copy over to a backup so I don't loose my rank.

Is it just the Players directory (in that you'll find active.txt and a folder with your profile name)?

thanks in advance,

Matt N
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  1. Most likely. I just picked the game up yesterday and haven't looked yet. Anything with Profile in it would be a good directory to backup.
  2. I'd backup anything to do with profiles. I recall someone else reformatting and losing their rank, etc just the other day while playing.
  3. uninstall the game. It will ask you if you want to delete your game profiles, select no. Whatever is left in the Activision folder on C: (or whatever drive you have it on), should be backed up. Do your reformat, install the game then copy paste (overwrite) the folders you saved to the game directory.

    Thats what I did, and it worked for me.
  4. ugh....I need to get this game
  5. I wrote a good backup utility for this problem. It can be found here.

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