How much woulod you pay for this?

Processor-- Intel Q6600

Motherboard-- Intel DG965OT

Video Card-- Vision Tek X1550

Sound Card: Speakers (Sigma-Tel High Definition Audio CODEC)--integrated-- you can add one

OS- Vista Home Premium 32 Bit --He had no problems playing any games. -- the people with higher bit quality i heard have had more problems then people with 32 bit.

Hard Drive-- 500GB

Memory(RAM)-- 4GB DDR2

CD DRIVE-- Standard (can add another one currently has 1)-- the current one doesn't support blue ray (but if you add one it can support blue ray)

Has Intel ViiV

Also the hard drive was blow clean so its bran new.

Other info
CPU temps don't get above 60.(it only get to 60 when you push it really hard (when i play cod 4 it get to like 50-55 range))

The computer is in great shape looks bran new.

Makes very little sound

What would you pay for it?

How much do you think its worth?

Wasn't sure where to put it but my brothers selling it if any are interested.
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  1. $500 or so.
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