[SALE]Assorted hardware. E6600, PSU, MOBO

I need money bad. I have a few PC hardware components for sale. I can deliver to location. I can sell each part individually, or any combination.
The more items you by, the cheaper it will be.

I will ship within US only. You will cover shipping cost, though if you're really far and order something heavy, like the PSU - I can lower price.

Physical location: Denver, Colorado.

CPU: E6600 Core2Duo 2.4Ghz (Stepping 6, Ver. B2). Never Overclocked. Stock Heatsink Fan, which I put on myself + arctic silver 5. Awesome processor - it's still doing very well on the market.
If you're into overclocking, this is one of the best CPUs for that - you just need good cooling.
This CPU is barely beat by the Q6600 on most benchmarks for real world testing - at least from what I've seen.
This thing is not cheap even on ebay.

Motherboard: Biostar 945P-A7A (8.0). Basic MOBO, nothing much fancy - works great though. Posted on first boot, and I never had issues.

RAM: 2GB (2x1GB) OCZ PC5400 667 (333Mhz) 4-4-4-12 timings. Works awesome.

VIDEO CARD: nVidia 7900GT/GTO 256MB GDDR3 + aftermarket Zalman VF700 ALCU Cooler + RAM heat sinks. This and another card (I think the GTX) were the top dogs before the DX10 cards started to come out.

POWER SUPPLY: Antec True Power Trio 550 Watt. SLI ready. This thing has been amazing since the start.
Has a big fan on it also.

ALL components are NEGOTIABLE. Also, the more items you buy, the cheaper it ill be.

Again, I can sell any part individually or in any combination.

Please ask questions here. For price negotiation, etc. please PM.

Thanks for reading! I hope to hear from you!
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  1. No one? E6600 ?? I'll reduce some offers, or post more questions.
  2. Try ebay.
  3. thought this forum was for UK's only?! but yea, is it possible for you to shipit to uk, and do u know the price?! i could be interessted in almost everything
  4. Do you still have the E6600?
  5. Can I please purchase the E6600 if you still have it?
    Does $100 shipped sound good for just the CPU? I can also return it for a full refund if it is DOA (hopefully not the case), right?
  6. I'll take that cpu. $100 bucks shipped ... call me 301-643-6086
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  8. ibleet said:
    You people are insane.

    Lol why are we insane?
  9. are any of the cpus left?
  10. fahdh2 said:
    Lol why are we insane?

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  11. computabug said:
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  12. Ops sry lol XD
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