FS: Xbox 360 Pro 60GB Holiday Bundle

On eBay: Item number: 290282064957

For sale is a New and Sealed Xbox 360 Pro 60GB Holiday Bundle

It comes with the following:

Sealed Retail Box
Xbox 360 Console
Wireless Controller (with batteries)
Network Cable
Audio/Video Cable
60GB Hard-Drive
LEGO Indiana Jones (full game)
Kung Fu Panda (full game)

Looking for $290 shipped within the U.S (extra if outside the U.S).
Paypal only and will only ship to confirmed address.
I'm a verified paypal seller.

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  1. Anyone interested?
  2. Probably not since that price and even lower is available at most retailers.

    Here is just one example:
  3. That price is not less, but in fact more then what I am charging.
    This is because they WILL charge you TAX which adds a good $20.
    I'm doing $290 shipped no tax. They are doing $300 shipped plus Tax.
    Also, their "free" shipping is 5-9 days, mine would be around three days.
  4. You asked so I told you my opinion. You have no responses and here is why:

    If you expect someone to buy from you, and forgo the added security of buying from a reputable retailer, then you have to be a LOT cheaper. Just my 2cents and good luck.
  5. Yeah, I hear what you are saying.
    But that is the reason why I'm only accepting paypal and if their address is confirmed. I'm also a verified paypal seller.
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